Putting in work at The Rock

July 13, 2021

WHEN: July 12, 2021
QIC: Boucher
PAX: Dingy, Halfback, Nubbin, Roy.g.biv
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YHC has been wanting to get up to the Northern Provence more regularly and with Elf, Brick and some other OGs joining the solid crew up there, YHC looked ahead and saw there was a Trip Nip opportunity this week.  Returning from a wonderful vacation to visit extended family in Western NY – including spending time with the still active 95 year old Grandfather and revisiting long held family farm land,  and a workout with baseball playing Godson as well as some inspiring time with recent FNG and brother in law Muffin Top (and future Nantan of a New Region in Western NY), a late Sunday night arrival and obligatory flight delays, was not enough to keep YHC from showing up (albeit a little late) to start the Trip Nip Journey.
YHC wanted to share the theme of the grind of non obvious progress in achieving goals whether they be life on the farm, relationships, searching for a lost dog, building relationships, or making progress at work.  YHC’s secret has been continual effort, positive attitude and authentic open-ness for help.
YHC was doing some recon, to prepare for adequate use of the AO and was a bit thrown off by the non consecutive order of the epic-mega-doc listing of the AOs…
Workout Title
Day of Week
Start Time
End Time
Workout Style
Nash and Kollock Street
Duck and Weave
Boot Camp
The Rock
Boot Camp
Orange High School Parking Lot
The Skunk
Boot Camp
…and even though YHC KNEW that the Rock was the Monday AO, YHC still showed up to… the Weaver Street Parking Deck about 15 minutes early…being surprised that no PAX were at the Duck & Weave AO, YHC finally realized that he was needed at the ROCK!  Put the pedal to the medal an pulled up two minutes late…and there was a solid quartet warming up…
As a penalty for YHC being 2 minutes late, the crew were good sports in doing 10 penalty burpees.
Upon arrival, Halfback was leading some plank jacks and some other warm-up exercises and we continued an extended warm up with:
IW IC x 10
HB IC x 10
Arm circles IC x 20 (Forward big/small, backyards big/small)
Michael Phelps IC x 10
WMH IC x 10
Mountain climbers IC x 20

10 sets of 10 reps of 10 different varieties of merkins

  • 10 Standard Merkins
  • 10 Slow Merkins
  • 10 off set Merkins (right arm up, left arm low)
  • 10 off set Merkins (left arm up, right arm low)
  • 10 Spider Man Merkins
  • 10 wide grip Merkins
  • 10 diamond grip Merkins
  • 10 hand release Merkins
  • 10 knuckle Merkins
  • 10 T-Merkins
Mosey to the park parking lot for…
The Thang
We were going to do a series of Paula Abdul’s (one step forward, one step back – based on the aforementioned themes)
Round 1 – Bear crawl 2 spots forward, one step back to halfway to the parking lot (~15 spots)
Johnny Drama IC x 25
Round 2 – Lunge walk 2 spots forward, one step back to halfway to the parking lot (~15 spots)

Johnny Drama IC x 25

Round 3 – Gorilla walk 2 spots forward, one step back to halfway to the parking lot (~15 spots) THIS ONE HURT!

Johnny Drama IC x 25

Round 4 – Run 6 spots forward, 3 spots back to to end of parking lot
Johnny Drama IC x 25
Mosey back to startex for
LBC IC x 20
Flutter kick IC x 20
Freddie Mercury IC x 20
The Morgan (6 count left leg V-up, Right leg V-up, both legs V-up) IC x 10
Heels to heaven IC x 20
Cobra pose for 30 seconds
Downward Dog for 30 seconds
Lizard pose/Inside Dragon pose (30 seconds each side)
Halfback shared some great insights…His search for his dog Ellie who was a traumatized dog and has been missing for several weeks.
With the dramatic ending to the European Football Championship and Italy advancing over England in Penalty Kicks, Halfback shared his observation that English Manager, Gareth Southgate, erred in putting the players he chose to take the PX in the position who weren’t prepared to succeed and ultimately failed to convert their chances.  With a soccer (or football) crazed society like England and the deep systemic racism that persists, the terrible racist acts towards the 3 black members of the English Team (who have donated MILLIONS of their own salary to those less fortunate during the pandemic) were preventable, terrible, but completely predictable.  It’s essential that we, as leaders, make decisions in putting people in positions to be successful.

Halfback also shared some challenges he’s been having and YHC is very appreciative of him sharing these struggles and wishes him sleep and more peace.  YHC has been struggling as well – we are not alone and we are here to support each other.

Honored to lead and excited to at the Skunk on Wednesday.