We Kilt This One

  • When: 07/28/17
  • QIC: Goat Cheese, Fat Cat
  • The PAX: Love Bug, Link, Nescafe, Germ, Bullwinkle, Animal, Closer, GTL, Breach, Bean Bag, Horny Toad, No Money, Boyardee, Rambler, Gomer, Stinky Pete, Duplo, Grunge, Mothman, Chum, Fieri, Dueling Banjos, Marky Mark, Yanni, Bunyan

This morning at the Wall the BC Churham group wrapped up their Mystery Q/ Mystery Theme month with the last 2 Mystery Qs, and these lads didn’t mind keeping everything unwrapped. Two brave men stepped into the circle with only a wee kilt, a pair of big balls and humongous hearts. There would be 27 men astonished at the sight of men in kilts until they remembered that these 2 Qs were legendary and if they wanted to wear kilts then, shut ye geggie n’ bite ma bawsack ye radge wee shite!

Even though they speak english in Scotland it can be a bit tricky some times for those of us on the other side of the pond to understand them. So YHC has tried to translate the description of the movements so ye can follow along…
W3 x20 – William Wallace Walker – (Imperial walker with squat)
Pub Crawl – bear crawl
Bagpipes – burpees
Loch Ness Monster – Indian run weaving through PAX
Storm the Castle – scale the climbing wall horizontally
Mickle Muckle – pull up
Gaelic Frolic – monkey bars
Yank ye threads – Rope climb
Highland Sreath – run or jog or what have ye’
Heer’s ye Proof – Heels to Heaven
Scottish Hammer – American Hammer
Flutter Kilts – flutter kicks
Castle – AO
Haggis – spill merlot

But first, here’s a little of what you missed if you weren’t at The Wall this morning. Pre-warmup…

Warm Up
W3 x20
Pub Crawl – around the circle, flapjack

The Thang
Line up in one huge 27 man Highland line and Loch Ness Monster down to Pollard
Stopping for 10 Bagpipes OYO halfway
Loch Ness Monster down to Woods

Joke break: Why are they called Kilts? Because we kilt every man who called them a skirt.

Split into 2 groups
Group 1 – Storm the Castle on the Isle of Skye, rest of group PAX completes Bagpipes
Group 2 – Mickle Muckle x5, Gaelic Frolic, Yank ye threads, Bagpipes while waiting – repeat till group 1 is done
swap stations, repeat

Highland Sreath back to the Castle.
Luckily we made it back to the Castle with no Haggis but we were very clatty.

Bagpipes x20 OYO (FC)
Heer’s ye Proof x20 (Stinky Pete)
Scottish Hammers x20 (Duplo)
Flutter Kilts – (Grunge)

Shirt order due today
2ndF at BC Clubhouse in the Veranda Thursday 8/3 @ 8:00
Spartan training at the Thicket on Monday starts at 0500
1 year Anniversary at the Thicket on Monday 7/31 – 1 hour long – 0530-0630

Inspirational! Being out here with you guys has and is always inspirational. The things we say and do keep this thing going. Go out today and be a good person, a smile, a small gesture can make all the difference.

You’re all a bunch a hackit howlin scabby numpties, but I luve ye!
now piss off!

-Goat Cheese & Fat Cat

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