Farmers & Animals

  • When: 07/28/17
  • QIC: Food Lion & Avalanche
  • The PAX: Avalanche, Beano, Champ, Food Lion, Harbaugh, MARTA, Night Shift, Red October, Shake It, Timber

Ten animals posted for a split Q led by Food Lion and Avalanche.  Four showed up to ruck the hills (0500) and six more arrived in time for the main event (0530).

Warm Up (IC)

Seal Claps x30, Imperial Walkers x30, Windmills x20, Willy Mays Hayes x10.

Partner Wheelbarrow to Track (LBCs when you get there).

The Thang Part I

Triple Pyramid (1 rep up to 10 and back down to 1):

  • 100x Pull-ups
  • 100x Squats
  • 100x Seated Knee Tucks

We alternated between SSH and Jump Lunges at the end of each set.  At the half way point we ran 400 meters on the track at 80% max effort.

Food Lion takes the keys…

The Thang Part II

Sprint to top.

Half of the group farmer carries weights to bottom of hill and back while other half performs 40 IC shoulder taps in while in Merkin position; groups switch roles and repeat.

Half of the group farmer carries weights halfway down hill and back while the other half runs down and gorilla walks back up; switch and repeat.

Half of the group performs seated tricep extensions with dumbbells while other half does star jumps (AMRAP on each); switch and repeat.  We did a total of three rounds of each exercise in 30 second intervals, resting only long enough to switch roles.

Half of the group performs shoulder presses with dumbbells (the Animal House signature exercise) and other half does donkey kicks.  Switch and repeat for 2 rounds total of each exercise (again AMRAP in 30 second intervals).


2 rounds of side hip raises (10 IC each side per round); 40 V-up sit-ups.


Prayers for Night Shift during his Software Sales job search and the Red October family as there 2.0 is away from home overnight for the first time.


It was pointed out at 0615 that The Falcon had ended; quite dizzy at that point in the middle of Food Lion’s beatdown, and it felt like the extra 15 minutes was a real game changer today.

Thanks for letting us lead!

Food Lion & Avalanche

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