A Dry Death Star

  • When: 07/28/17
  • QIC: DOI
  • The PAX: Rudy, Ito, LoPair, Dean Wormer, Hotwings, Band Camp, French Lick, Elwood (FNG), Blackball, Soft Shell (FNG), Spooky, BooBoo, Swingline, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Treehouse, Trickle (FNG), Amphibious, Singlet, Homes, QE, Kevin (FNG)

One of YHC’s first posts at Bastille was led by Dunphy in the pouring rain. There he introduced the Death Star so with the forecast for rain and my first Q at Bastille in quite some time it seemed like the perfect time to bring it back. The weather didn’t cooperate as it stayed at 99% humidity but the PAX did and that’s what’s important.

As we circled up we had 4 FNGs. A brief disclaimer was given but since they were all EH’d by someone I figure they knew what they were in for.

Warm Up
1/2 mile run down the Fan Branch Trail to Aberdeen

The Thang

Find some wall on either side of the street.
Dips x10. SSH x10.
Derkins x10. SSH x10.
Irkins x10. SSH x10
Burpees x10. SSH x10.

Two lines (thanks Homes) Indian Run the long way back to the AO. Head towards the basketball courts.

Split into four groups. Groups start in the middle and bear crawl out to a corner. Corner 1 – 10 burpees, Corner 2 – 20 merkins, Corner 3 – 30 SSH, Corner 4 – 40 air squats. Crawl bear back to the middle and do 10 WWIIs. Complete one rotation as a group. Complete one more rotation but switch out bear crawl for forward/backward lunges. When two cycles are complete head to the hockey rink and hold people’s chair. Once everyone is on the wall 5 count down the line. Out of time.

Let’s bring the inclusion that we have at F3 to the world in our daily encounters.

-Welcome Elwood, Soft Shell, Trickle and Kevin

-Sign up for the Super Cooper 5K. Go on the website or talk with French Lick. There will be a special F3 category as well. Also looking for corporate sponsorship.
-Even if you’re not doing the SOS Spartan it doesn’t mean you can’t contribute financially. DO IT!
-The website www.f3churham.com is live. Go check it out and sign up to comment/contribute. Let DOI know if anything looks wrong.

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