Playing cards and crawling through the tunnel of love

  • When: 06/18/18
  • QIC: @toast_McQueen
  • The PAX: @nickelback, @nubbin, @virgo, @Fancy Pirate, @Stop Drop And Roll

With Father’s Day being yesterday YHC did very little to prepare for the Q this morning.  So with that being said this is what we did.

Warm up

10 Windmills, 10 Arm circles (front and back), 10 overhead and seal claps, 10 WMHs, 20 SSH

The Thang

We Mosied to the futball field where YHC informed the PAX that he had planned very little and thus we would be pulling cards and that is just what we did.  Multiple arm and leg exercises  using the 4 corners of the field.  The overall consensus after all the field work was that it was really hot and humid.  So from there we Ricky Bobbied it over to the bridge where we did Tunnel of Love with individual inch worm underneath.  Again we all agreed that it was hot.  We then each sprinted up the hill while other PAX did LBC’s.


30 Flutter Kicks, 20 Freddie Mercury


2nd F at Nickelback’s house – 8pm Wednesday the 20th

Uncle Possum on August 11th

Prayers for Virgo and his family with the lose of the family dog.

Q Sheets in the Northern Provence are wide open

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