Answering the bell

  • When: 06/18/18
  • QIC: My Little Pony
  • The PAX: OPEC, Potter (2.0), Skeeter (2.0), Malware, Brick, Coco, Pedialyte, Knope, Awesome Baby, Bells, MLP

Plugging back into Slack after a quiet Father’s Day weekend, YHC saw a message from Beano asking for someone to Answer The Bell and Q The Eagle this morning.  YHC stared at it for a minute and thought about giving it some time to see if another PAX would jump on it.  After all, YHC likes to plan out Q’s in advance, feel well prepared and confident…You see, YHC is a bit of a Type A control freak. But, then I realized that even delaying my response would mean giving it less than my all and that not acceptable, especially in this group.  Another great lesson from F3.  Don’t hesitate.  Seize the day and attack it with everything you’ve got.  So, YHC claimed the opportunity and issued an EC 5k call as the cherry on top.  Although, when no one rallied around the 5k idea, YHC was thankful to get to attack the day with a little more rest.

But, even without the 5k, YHC was determined to get mileage in the morning.  11 PAX (including 2 – 2.0’s) showed up to help him cover some ground.


SSH x 30 (IC)

Harvester x 10 (IC)

WMH x 10 (IC)

Arm Circles x 10 (IC)

Reverse x 10 (IC)

Mosey over to the track for a Merkin Mile – 2 laps then 25 merkins (repeato x 4)

Mosey back to parking lot for a Triple Nickel.  Split into three groups.  Burpees out by the road.  KB swings by the dumpster area.  Box Jumps at the loading dock.  3 groups rotate through all stations 5 times, performing 5 reps at each stop.  Do the KB swings every time through, so everyone got in 10 rounds of swings.

At this point our mileage was over 2 miles.  YHC had planned a whole parking lot 11 to get us over the 5k mark, but all PAX (including YHC) were dragging a little worse than anticipated.  These Q’s always seem so easy when lying in bed mapping them out.

So, YHC called an audible and headed to the front of the school to the benches.

20 Dips (IC), 20 Derkins, 20 Quick Feet on curb (IC)

15 Dips (IC), 15 Derkins, 15 Quick Feet on curb (IC)

10 Dips (IC), 10 Derkins, 10 Quick Feet on curb (IC)

Back to the parking lot for Mary:

15 J-Lo’s (IC)

15 Ski Abs – Pedialyte (IC)

20 Flutter Kicks – Malware (IC)

No Announcements.  Thankful for the opportunity to lead and experience the fellowship this morning.  When you get the chance to step up and lead, don’t hesitate.  SYITG


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