Pavement Free

March 4, 2020

WHEN: March 3, 2020
QIC: Catskill
PAX: Bogey, Bump Draft, Home Grown Berry
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Warm Up: 10 IC WMH, 10 IC IW, 10 IC FAC, 10 IC RAC & 20 IC SSH. 45 second stretch

ME: Mosey to the little used soccer field to enjoy the darkness and lack of gravel. At Soccer field we executed a slow jog to get the lay of the land. Upon return we began our journey up the pyramid with an AYG run 1/4 of the way,  easy jog 3/4 of the way to the far end of the field. At the other end we all completed 25 Merkins, then backward run back to the start. Next up, 1/2 way AYG run 1/2 easy jog to far end where completed 50 Burpees. Carioca run back to start. 3/4 AYG , 1/4 easy to other end where we completed 75 squats. Backward run back to start. Next up, full sprint to other side, complete 100 Monkey Humpers. Carioca run back. We then came down the pyramid, executing the same exercises, reps and running intervals. Good times and lots of heavy breathing had by all!!!

Mary:15 1/2 way top down squat pulses, 15 1/2 way bottom up squat pulses, 15 right leg lunge pulses, 15 left leg lunge pulses and not one second spent on the shitty, shitty pavement.