Old School Paradise

March 4, 2021

WHEN: March 4, 2021
QIC: Nighshift
PAX: Splash Back, Vice, Green Acres, Half Pipe, Funyon, Quicken, Fingers, TPS Reports
LOCATION: Paradise
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It was one of those mornings. My alarm woke me where as typical awake just before it goes off. I turned it off and remained in bed another 5 mins. I hobbled downstairs. I’m kind like Yoda in the prequels when he gimps around with a cane grunting, then somehow starts jumping around to battle the Emperor. Of course this happens when one has the Q. Whenever I have rough starts in the AM, I remind myself that I will feel better by 0615 or 0630. Can I get an amen?


SSH, Windmill, Merkins IT, Squats IT, SSH as we attempted to name the 5 things required to be a F3 workout. 4x5burpees penalty burpees were issued.

The Main Event

Bear crawl towards the ticket booth. 10 burpees at the median/divider. Crab walk the rest of the way. 10 burpees at the end.

At the booth, we rotated through the following:

  • 10 Inverted rows IC
  • BTW
  • People chair

Repeat changing the rows to IT negatives.

Repeat change the rows to IT regular.

Block Party!

10 blockees

20 curls

30 rows

20 curls

10 blockees

Lunge walk 2 parking spot followed by a jump squat. Repeat adding a jump squat each time until we reached 10.


Hammers, Homer to Marge IT/IC/IT, Bird Dog