OCL tries M/B/Cs Week 1

  • When: 09/19/19
  • QIC: Stop Drop and Roll
  • The PAX: Mueller, soybean, subprime, fires, Moore, MLP

Warmup: Even in a mobility workout it’s important to get the blood pumping – flowing to our muscles – before we do any real stretching or work. Let’s do that.


Warm-up Salutations (x4)

  • Standing – Reach hands up to the sky – big stretch
  • Forward fold – slight bend in the knee so as to not hurt yourself
  • Rise halfway – look slightly up
  • Forward Fold
  • Hands on the ground – step back to plank
  • Low plank hold – 30 second hold – This is F3, our yoga hits different
  • Up into cobra/updog
  • Down to Downward Dog
    • Round 1: Back and forth Up/Down dog for 10 rounds – loosen up the spine, get the HR up
  • Step your feet forward slowly
  • Slowly rise up – one vertebrae at a time, back to start

Variations on this for each round:

  • Round 2: Leg raise – Cheetah pose x 4 each leg
  • Round 3: Cheetah into lizard (foot outside the hand + twist each side)
  • Round 4: cat cow series w wrist work

Agile 8 (Fab 5) – this is my favorite series to warm-up with any day I’m in the gym and plan to squat/dead-lift any significant weight (I’m 135 pounds – most weight is significant…)

  • Roll over to V sits x 10
  • 8 each leg/both ways Fire Hydrants
  • 10 each leg Mountain Climbers (Everest – leg outside the hand)
  • 10 Groiners (frog jump up back) – lift right arm/left arm
  • Lunge Walk/Stretch – Lunge forward – stretch the opposite arm over your body, step forward to normal, reach up – go again, other leg (typically done in place, but we used it as a movement to head toward the playground)


  • Set a clock for 2 minutes – hang for as long as you can – when you have to stop, drop and do 4 Peter Parkers each side, hang again
  • Hanging ab series – while hanging on the bar
    • Flutters kicks x10
    • Alternating knees to chest x 10
    • In and outs x 10
  • CONTROLLED bear crawl – knees STAY at 90 – tiny movements – focus on core as you move
  • Glute work – homer to marge
    • Both legs on ground bridge 10 seconds / 10 raises
    • Left leg to sky for 10 seconds / 5 raises
    • Right leg to sky for 10 seconds / 5 raises
  • Finish with 30 second low plank hold

Didn’t get to my planned Balance workouts – a good thing in my mind – I feared these things wouldn’t take nearly long enough. Gives me hope that these are easier to plan than I initially worried.


Comeback Kings! Similar idea as this – more steel/workout vibe – Tuesdays at House of Pain. Check it out!


This did a lot of good for me, personally. When I take days off from F3 I tend to try and stretch/flow at home a bit but it ends up as a 3-5 minute exercise before I yawn and end up in child’s pose, possibly asleep on the floor at 6:00 am. This adds an accountability level to stretching and mobility that we don’t get when we’re doing this on our own. I need that in my life.

If this is something you AT ALL feel comfortable leading – hit up the Q sheet! Even if you only feel comfortable leading part of it (mobility / balance / core), let me know – I’m happy to Co-Q and take whichever portion you aren’t interested in. OR – if you want to lead a 45 minute yoga flow – that’s golden too. Hell, if you want 45 minutes of mary – let’s friggin do it. This is a work in progress, and M/B/C gives us a WIDE range of possibilities.

2 weeks from now MBC rides again – who’s up next?

much love,


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