MNF Sucks.

September 14, 2021

WHEN: 09/14/2021
QIC: Splashback
PAX: Homegrown Berry, Vice, Catskill, Rebar, Mothman
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Yesterday Catskill put it out there that the Q sheet was open for today at The Jag and suggested an All-Q. Those can be a lot of fun, but I was on the fence at best about posting today due to a known late night due to MNF with my Ravens starting a football game around my usual bedtime of 830PM. The only way I could be sure I’d roll out of the fart sack was to put my name down. Like my friend Dueling Banjos is so fond of saying – the best way to be sure you post is to sign up to q. So here we are.



SSH IC x 20

WMH IC x 10

Good Mornings IC x 10

Slow Merkin IC x 10

Slow Squat IC x 10


B- 10 Burpees

O- 10 Overhead claps IC

M – 10 Merkins

B – 10 Big Boy Sit Ups

S – 10 Squats

Do the B – take a lap.

B, O – take a lap.

Until you spell BOMBS. At that point start removing exercises from the front end:

O,M,B,S – take a lap

Until the final round is 10 squats and a lap.


Lots of Mary Time – we all took urns calling out exercises:

10 Merkin Ring of Fire,




There were other things – But I’m tired.




Be better than you were yesterday – do this every day and you’ll make the world better just by being you.


Until Next Time – AYE!