Merkin Travel

  • When: 09/30/19
  • QIC: Dial Up
  • The PAX: Pikachu, Tugboat, Hawkeye, Pancake, Knope, Brain Freeze, Misery, Juco, Sweatervest, Bitcoin, Nails, BananaSplit, Porterhouse, Dial Up

YHC was on the front end of a sinus infection and almost called in a substitute, but at the last minute I decided to keep the Q and suffer the consequences. To make the workout more bearable for my congested head, I decided to limit running and deploy a variety of alternate forms of travel with a handful of merkins sprinkled in…

Warm Up:
SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 10
Good Morning x 10
Little Baby Arm Circles x 15

The Thang:
After a quick warm up we jogged to the track and lined up at the 100m starting line. The gist of the workout was a mode of travel for 100m followed by a type of merkins. Rinse and repeat for two full laps around the track (8 modes of travel, 8 types of merkins). Here’s an overview of what we did:

Segment 1: Bear Crawl + 25 Wide Grip Merkins
Segment 2: Lunge Walk + 10 Diamond Merkins
Segment 3: Backwards Run + 10 Cardiac Merkins
Segment 4: Gorilla Crawl + 15 Buya Merkins
Segment 5: Crab Walk + 10 Slow Merkins
Segment 6: Bunny Hop + 20 Dry Docks
Segment 7: Wheelbarrow + 10 Hand Release
Segment 8: Sprint + 25 Regular Merkins

After the 8th segment we hit the wall for a 5 sec balls to the wall ring of fire. Our shoulders were smoked at this point so we jogged to the planters by Science Dr for two sets of Bulgarian split squats (15 each leg) broken up by a set of box jumps (10 OYO).

LBC x 25
American Hammer x 20
Flutter x 25

Nails offered a praise for his friend who’s been given a second chance by a new land lord to catch up on his rent by the end of the year. Prayers that he’d be able to get back to a stable place.

Sweatervest asked for prayer for his friend Megan who got news that she has breast cancer and likely will need surgery.

YHC took us out.

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