Merkin Free Monday

  • When: 09/09/19
  • QIC: Knope
  • The PAX: Banana Split, Dial Up, Driftwood, Exhibit A, Juco, Pancake, Sawtooth, Swayze (FNG), Sweatervest

I’m coming up on my three year anniversary (9/11) in F3. My M busts my chops about how often I talk about it, and how much brain space it takes up, which is all true. Aside from what it does for me, its made an impact on my family in positive ways. My 2.0s talk about it, and look forward to joining me on Saturdays, and I think they’ll continue to for a few more years. For my M, whether out of spite of my time away from the house in the gloom, or if its her competitive nature, she works out more often, and in fact, has taken an interest in reading about new exercises and adding them into her regimen. One night after work the talk turned to that day’s workouts, and she told me about a new plank exercise that involved being in the high plank, but with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. To me, it didn’t seem like much, but I tried it after dinner, and it wasn’t easy. The discussion evolved into today’s workout, a plank-o-rama in lieu of Merkins.

At 0530, 9 other PAX showed up to be a part of the fun and we got rolling promplty.

Warm Up

SSH x 30

WMH x 12

Harvester x 12

Batwing (12 LBAC, 12 RLBAC, 12 Seal Claps, 12 OH Claps, 12 OH Presses)

The Thang

Mosey to the Corner of Science Dr. and Frank Basset Dr for a new exercise (to YHC)

Absolution x 6 – This exercise would be awesome and will be featured at a future Q, but I couldn’t nail the count, so with further refinement, It’ll make its way back…

Mosey to the track, line up on back side of the field house for Koskinen Stadium

Balls to the Wall – 9 Count Ring of Fire

People’s Chair – 9 Count Ring of Fire

Australian Mountain Climbers x 15 Cadence Count

People’s Chair – 9 Count Ring of Fire

Hip Slappers x 12 Count

It was my intent to break the track into thirds (to do three sets), but I wasn’t sure where (if there were any)the marks were. I did a bit or research this morning and found the long sprint area was about 133.3 m so we lined up there. It ended up being somewhat of a tribute to my first workout where Riggs was the Q and had us sprint with various exercises at each end.

Sprint 1 – Circle Up for 9 count ring of fire Back Plank, High Plank, Low Plank

Sprint 2 – Circle Up for 9 count ring of fire Back Plank, High Plank, Low Plank

Sprint 3 – Circle Up for 9 Count ring of fire – Snowflake Plank (the one mentioned above, h/t to my wife, F3 Snowflake), Right Side Star Plank, Left Side Star Plank

Sprint 4 – Circle up for a 9 count ring of fire – Snowflake Plank, Right Star Plank, Left Star Plank

Ricky Bobby back to startex


Flutter Kicks x 48

Box Cutter x 24

LBCs x 12 Cadence Count

Superman Ring of Fire x 6 Count


The Bull is coming up on 10/26 in downtown Durham, watch Slack for more details. Shirt orders end on 9/11.

The 9/11 memorial stair climb is coming up at Kenan. Here’s the info, more on Slack: THIS WEDNESDAY – Kenan Stadium 9/11 Stair Climb – Be there, gents!  ROTC and the university have requested all attendees to park in Rams Head Deck (entrance on Ridge Rd).  1) EC Workout at 5AM starting at Rams Head Deck 2)All PAX meet at Gate 2 stadium entrance at 5:45AM to enter collectively for opening ceremonies at 6 AM 3) Stair climb is usually complete by 6:45-6:50AM.  Site Q’s please bring shovel flags, and PAX feel free to wear a ruck or weighted vest if you want to join ‘the crazy group’. Hope to see many of you there for EC and Main Event!! 

No prayer requests, YHC took us out.


Its been a great three years as part of this group. I appreciate Poehler in Greensboro for introducing me to F3 while we were at a conference in WV. Riggs for being skeptical about me coming out when I met him by accident on Labor Day 2016, for all of my friends that I’ve invited out, and the friends I’ve made since my first post. You’ve all pushed me to better myself. The physical part is obvious, but the not so obvious is the mental growth. I’ve been in dark places before, and still see the grey, but not while I’m sweating my ass off in the gloom, and that helps keep me going throughout each day. Thank you for the accountability gentlemen, and thank you for letting me lead.


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