A Tuesday Circuit

  • When: 09/10/19
  • QIC: Mueller
  • The PAX: Popeye, Nubbin, GMA, Meatloaf, Poser, Brick, Candy Crush, Elf, Newt, Stop Drop and Roll, TB

Warm Up: SSH, Willie Mays, IW, Hillbilly, LBACs X2, 5 burpees, fellowship lap around both fields, and line jumps (front and back and side to side) 2 sets of 20.

The Thing: Circuit where every PAX has a different “station” that involves a different exercise to perform while 1 PAX runs. When the runner completes a lap (or some other distance), everyone rotates to a different station.

First station is bicep curls with a cinder block, 2nd = merkins, 3rd = dry docks, 4th = burpees, 5th = plank jacks, 6th = LBCs, 7th = WWIIs, 8th = Hammers, 9th = Lunges, 10th = Ballerina Squats, and 11th = SSH.

After we all completed one circuit, we modified to “just” running down and back and did the circuit again.

Mary: Heels to heaven, LBCs, superman pulls, IWs, and Boat/canoe.

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