Making it to the “Show”

February 23, 2021

WHEN: February 22, 2021
QIC: Boucher
PAX: Arthur, Big Kat, Disc, Dogwood, Flash Flood, Harbaugh, Misery, Mueller, Night Shift, OPEC,
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With all of the hard work my stellar Co-Q has done in bird-dogging Q’s throughout the entire Churham Region, including here at Kenan, it’s been tough to find a Q spot, but YHC was fortunate to grab today’s Q a few weeks back.  Our new Nant’an Te’o, (after recently taking over for Riggs and Adolphus), put the call out to to honor Riggs and Adolphus by integrating the numbers 38 (# of AOs in our region) and/or 1,064 (the number of active Churham F3ers on our slack channel) into the work out.

YHC put out the call for the standard Extra Credit 5ish K with a 5:15 launch…and proceeded to get hung up trying to get out of the house and was a few moments late…but we still had a healthy 5 runners getting warmed up before the Main Event.


SSH IC x 38
Arm Circles IC x 38 (10 forward small, 9 big, 10 backward small, 9 big)
Imperial Walkers IC x 38
Mountain Climbers IC x 38
Merkins x 38

With YHC’s beloved Diamond Heels (UNC Baseball team) opening up the season with a 3-0 sweep of CoCo’s beloved James Madison Dukes (and with our newly minted Head Coach Scott Forbes starting out his Head Coaching career perfectly), YHC wanted to integrate baseball into the work out.  We moseyed (1/2 mile) to the bottom of the Boshamer Parking Lots (which used to be a tiered tennis court).

The Thang

We started at the bottom and YHC directed the PAX to lunge walk 38 reps (each step counting as one) and plank in the top lot.

YHC sent the PAX back down to the bottom parking lot and the next method of travel was to bear crawl 38 reps (right hand step, then left hand step counted as one) and then plank at the top and Misery counted out a 38 rep plan for the PAX.

YHC sent the PAX to the bottom again for another trip up the hill – this travelling method was travelling burpees x 38 reps.  We planked at the top and once all the PAX made it, we  completed 38 monkey humpers – revisiting an exercise that Weezer or Blindside had the PAX do 4-5 years ago.

Having successfully toiled being sent up and down so many times, the PAX then moseyed inside Beautiful Boshamer Stadium for a trip or two around the Baseball Diamond in the “Show.”

unc baseball stadium seating chart - The future

YHC had the PAX start with three T-Merkins at home plate, mosey to the right field corner for 6 T-Merkins, then onto the center field for 12 T-Merkins, then on to the left field corner for 24 T-Merkins, then a sprint back to home plate.

We then did another lap around the diamond – with slow/cadence count squats: 3 slow/cadence count squats at home plate, 6 slow/cadence count squats in the right field corner, 12 slow/cadence count squats at center field, 24 slow/cadence count squats in the left field corner and then another sprint and exit the stadium and mosey to the startex for…


LBC IC x 38
Flutter Kick IC x 28 (whoops)
Heels to Heaven IC x 38
Flutter Kick IC x 10 (to make up for the Flutter Kick shortage alluded to before).


Nightshift Qing Conjunction Junction and a promise of NO running!

Big Kat advised to stay vigilant with these potential more contagious strains of COVID-19

We celebrated Riggs and Adolphus in the Nameorama –

Image from iOS

Always honored to lead!