Limited Warranties and Achievable Goals

March 24, 2021

WHEN: March 24, 2021
QIC: Bump Draft
PAX: Duplo, Stinky Pete (Respect) Maraschino, Madden, Banana Skin, Splashback, Zook, Catskill (Respect), Dueling Banjos, Bright Idea
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Preface: Brotox  had other duties that kept him from leading The Big House, so I switched queues with him. I originally planned a very challenging course, but needed to modify significantly because of the presence of 2.0’s, and because Maraschino decided to strap on a Jansport during warm-up.

JANSPORT SuperBreak Sunflowers Backpack

ME: Stinky Pete arrived a bit late, but I cut down the penalty burpees to five because Maraschino made the wise decision not to wear his borrowed backpack. However, he then strapped on a backpack in defiance, which slowed him down. Penalty burpees were delivered later for his bad choice.

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Wm-up: Gas pumps, Pulsing Squats, Bonnie Blairs, and then a quick run around the traffic circle

  1. PAX counted off — one group performed People’s Chair, while the other ran around the clubhouse x2
  2. Bear Crawl Jack Webb’s to 10 IC; then Bernied to a park
  3. Ran horseshoe twice — 15 Ab Circles (from left, then right), 15 IC pulsing squats, 15 IC Peter Parkers, 15 IC Pulsing Merkins x 2
  4. Moseyed to another hill; 15 drydocks; Bernied up a hill–15 Dips IC then we made our way back to AO
  5. We stopped for 15 IC Pulsing Merkins
  6. Back for two rounds of Balls to the Wall and People’s Chair
  7. one round of Mary

Announcements: Zook is leading two workouts next week (The Jag and TMT)

COT: Catskill, Zook, and I were still a bit tired from our record-setting effort at The Jag yesterday. With the right goals in mind, and consistency, humans can accomplish a lot. Obviously, we have to be careful not to overload our bodies in pursuit of said goals.

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