Just running around in Squares

  • When: 07/12/18
  • QIC: Kia
  • The PAX: Floyd, Picacu, Cardiac, 16th seed, and special WELCOME to former FNGs: Cosmo and Squel. Help a brother out.. memory is the first thing to go. There were other PAX spending the morning with us- give us a shout

On a nice warm Thursday morning, 15 PAX including 1.5 FNGs enjoyed running around in squares.  A co-worker of mine, now forever known as Sequel, attended his second F3 workout.  He was a 1/2 an FNG because he has posted before but did not get named.  That’s fixed now.  A second very special welcome to Cosmo, our other FNG.

The warmup consisted of Side shuffle hops, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, and slow ‘mercins.

An easy lap around the Peanut got us almost ready for the workout.

Floyd commented that he enjoyed my slightly longer verbal introduction to our 1.5 FNGs.  I was actually catching my breath- it sucks being old.


When I was finally done  talking, we headed over to the soccer field for the main event.


There was a station at each corner of the field with four cones.    We broke off into four groups and headed off to our corner.   Each corner had three rounds of exercises listed with the number of reps.   Do the exercise at the first cone- sprint to the next and work your way through all four cones.   Then it was a recovery run to the next corner where a new exercise and number of reps was waiting for us.

Everyone seemed to really be focusing on enjoying each station as much as possible so there was not a lot lapping the groups in front.

The stations included:  Round 1:   10 ‘merkins on corner 1 and 3, 10 each LBCs on corner 2 and 4.   Round 2: 10 each side shuffle hops and 10 airsquats.   Saving the best for last:   Round 3: 5 burbees at corners 1 and 3 with 10 WWIIs at corners 2 and 4.


Making it through the 3 rounds had us just in time for Mary.  Everyone grabbed some cones and we meet in center field for a five count circle of fire plank and 25 box cutters.

At Floyd’s great suggestion, we grabbed the trash off the field and headed out to positively influence the folks around us.


While in the parking lot, I was asked by a fellow PAX if they had to “Q”.  I told him, no- it’s voluntary.  It’s intimidating the first few times but actually a lot of fun.  I encouraged him to consider pairing with someone to split the first “Q”- it will help relieve some of the pressure.   I have been trying to “Q” at least once a month.  I think it’s a great way to give back to this fantastic group.  I encourage (in a positive way) everyone to consider the same.   I feel bad when I post and see the same guys “Q”ing all the time.   Lets help out.


Thank you everyone for your support on Thursday.   One of the best part of “Q”ing is having folks thank you in the end of the workout and you know they had (hopefully) a good, challenging time.


See you all at my next post.




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