Just like it used to be…

  • When: 05/09/19
  • QIC: Chef Tell
  • The PAX: Paper Boy

It’s been a minute since YHC has got up in it… Not sure what prompted YHC to grab the Q — perhaps simply feeling Freed to Lead. Not much of a triumphant return, but at least Paper Boy was there to share in the misery.

Quick Warm Up:

15x SSH

10x Merkins

10x BWS

The Thang:

3 rounds: 25 sledgehammer slams + tracker tire / AMRAP 60# sandbag toss

3 rounds: 10 tractor tire flips / AMRAP sandbag toss

3 rounds: Farmer Carry (60# sandbag + 60# KB) / AMRAP pull-ups


YHC expressed gratitude for getting back out in the gloom. Expect to see more of your boy Chef Tell very soon!

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