Beautiful morning at the Battering Ram

  • When: 05/11/19
  • QIC: Tricurious
  • The PAX: Blackball, TB, Cosmo, Malware, Potter, Uzi, Big Cat, Pikachu, Rebar, Catskill

A good sized group of EC ruckers finished a few minutes before the ME. At 6:30 we circled up for a warm up: SSH, Abe Vegoda, WMH, Arm Circles, Slow Merkins.

Seven of diamonds: First we established the method of travel for this exercise: a lap around half of the field but always facing the bell tower: run forward, karaoke left, backwards run, karaoke right. Next we completed four additional laps with an exercise inserted at every corner. Lap 1: Jump lunges, 7 each leg OYO . Lap 2: 14 Burpees OYO . Lap 3: flutter kicks together (21 cadence count, first to the corner counts). Lap 4: 28 squats OYO except that we counted the last corner together.

Wall Worms: We moseyed to a 20-25 foot section of wall in the parking garage. All PAX did WW2s while, one at a time, a PAX would wall worm to the other end of the wall. Once on the other side, PAX did supermans. Once all PAX made it to the superman side we did the same in reverse (back to the WW2 side).

Finisher: We moseyed back to the field for a quick water break and then met at the big tires for dips, merkins, and coupon carry (waiter carry and suitcase carry recommended). Three rounds with: 10, 15, and 20 counts for the dips and merkins.

Mary: American Hammers followed by Boat / Canoe (my new favorite Mary combo). Supermans followed by ring of fire hold. The ridiculous but effective T-Bone. Plank holds to the finish.

COT: Don’t forget to do something special for the mothers in your life. Cosmo’s daughters first communion (or was it confirmation?—sorry I don’t recall) is tomorrow. TB provided the good news that some health problems that have been dogging him have cleared up, and he attributes this in part to F3. It was a beautiful morning to be workout out, and a great start to the weekend. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

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