Hitting Some Hills

  • When: 05/14/19
  • QIC: Chum
  • The PAX: Horny Toad, Cricket, Vespa, and an honorable mention to Nescafe

YHC arrived to the AO and anxiously awaited the men.  A few minutes before go time, several cars pulled into the parking lot and caused me some elation.  First Paperboy, then Rambler, then, dare I say, Griswold, Grunge and Enigma.  Wow – an above average showing for The Rabbit, Horny Toad and I thought to ourselves.  But then this crew began unloading rucks and sandbags and sandbags and sandbags.  Unfortunately for us, and maybe unfortunately for them, they were preparing to go dominate a coupon ruck.  It was still good to see them in the early hours. 

Cricket arrived on his bicycle, and Vespa arrived on his motorized bike, and so we got to work.

Warm Up

  • Double-Time SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Stretches

Main Event

Run from Clubhouse to Constellation Park (up BCP.  Right at stop sign on Granite Mill.  Down the hill to the paved trail that leads up to Constellation).  Arrive at base of paved trail together.  AYG sprint to the top of Constellation, taking special care to “be cool” in front of the FiA ladies who were working out at Constellation Park.  Admire the sunrise.  Return to base at bottom and repeat AYG back up.

Moved out from Constellation to the parking lot at The Wall (took back trail down, entered Encore section, and took long clockwise loop around).  Arrive to parking lot together.  AYG down to stop sign and back up the hill. 

Moved out from parking lot and took the Wildwind Loop, to include its deceptive hill, back up to BCP.  Crossed BCP and took the Serenity Loop.  AYG from Serenity/Tobacco Farm intersection back to clubhouse.

Approximately 4.2 miles round trip.

And as an extra bonus, Nescafe suddenly arrived back from a solo run and joined us for Mary.

Mary (x30 IC)

  • LBCs (Horny Toad)
  • Flutterkicks (Cricket)
  • Hammers (Vespa)
  • Dollies (Chum)


  • BC Games this weekend.
  • BC Murph next Tuesday.


Sometimes life is hilly.  Push up the hills; it’ll make you stronger.

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