#JR 100 Meter Runs and Corner Work

July 21, 2020

WHEN: 07/20/2020
QIC: Green Egg
PAX: Roach, Sodapopinski, Fozen Peas, Magellan, Shake It, Blanch, Chowdah
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8 PAX showed up for some track work. The humidity was rough but we powered through.



Wille Mays Hayes

Good morning

Little baby arm circles

Slow merkins (Thanks to Magellan for helping me count)

Mosey to the track.


The Thang

YHC was going through the back blasts to get some inspiration on what beatdown would be most fitting. I stumbled upon Grunge’s “The Millenial” carnage from 8/12/2019. I wasn’t there for this Q but apparently it scarred the 7 other PAX as there was a good bit of chatter about how tough it was. I did bring some hope when I said instead of 100 per exercise, we’d only be doing 50.

  • SSH
  • Lunge (x25 per leg)
  • Merkin
  • LBC
  • Air Squat
  • Plank Jacks
  • Flutter Kick (x25 per leg)
  • Mountain Climber (x25 per leg)
  • OH Clap


With a little bit of time left, we ran some corners:

Corner 1- 25 merkins

Corner 2- 25 merkins, 25 jump squats

Corner 3- 25 merkins, 25 jump squats, 25 lunges

Corner 4- 25 merkins, 25 jump squats, 25 lunges, 25 WWIIs


Mosey back to track entrance for Mary: Flutter, Heels to Heaven, Box Cutter, 10 Count Plank of PAX choice.

COT- Congrats to Shake It on completing his virtual 50K. Prayers for continued recovery for Blanch’s daughter post-surgery.

Announcements- Soda Bday Q at Hurricanrana 7/22. Get your name on Qsheet for Jolly Roger. Sheet is wide open!