Intentionally Out of Bounds in So. Du.

November 11, 2019

WHEN: November 8, 2019
QIC: LapLane (VQ)
PAX: MyLittlePony, Yurt, Dryrub, Swamp, Nails, Pedialite, Boucher, Pikachu, Beano, One Direction, Prancing Horse, Botched, Peach,
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YHC was glad to step up and honored to VQ for the PAX. After “slackin” without Qing for about 1 year, choosing the Falcon to debut was fitting given he can simply mosey over from home.

Side Shuffle Hop
Imperial Walkers
Arm Circles
Reverse arm circles
Mountain Climbers
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Slow squat

The Thang
Count off: Split into 2 groups.
Part 1.
Odds on 1 side: Evens on the other side:
Line up in high plank in a line. One PAX moves from end of the line facing the other PAX. One PAX facing the others will do 2 Merkins and give 2 low fives to the facing PAX, move down the line to the next PAX and do again. Continue this until PAX has completed 2 Merkins with each other PAX in their group.
Do it again in reverse order:
Once complete, Mosey on down to the tennis courts.

Part 2.
PAX all spread out along the baseline at The Falcon tennis courts: Alternated squat hold and high plank throughout to keep the group together and encouraged to pick up the 6 (particularly on #2 and #3)
1st suicide was to run a sprint. YHC careful to note the damp courts to be mindful of slick spots.
2nd suicide is Bear Craw to the lines moving forward and Crawl Bear back to the start.
3rd suicide is frog jump out, 5 Merkins, and lunge walk back 5 Merkins4th suicide is run forward, 2 burpees out, 2 burpees back, next line 3 burpees out..4, 5, ect.
Next up: Balls to the Walls for a 10 count from each PAX. Nothing like trashing your shoulders near the end of the week and feeling the burn.Mosey on back up to main lot for

Flutter Kicks
Box Cutters
Heels to the heavens

Don’t forget about upcoming F3 BBQ, check slack for details.
Falcon Q sheet has opening for upcoming months. Ending COT with a time of prayer.

YHC truly grateful for the opportunity to lead the workout and recognize the privilege of being able to wake up, move and exercise, and the gift from God for another day. So easy to take the simple things for granted