Have it Your Way (or not)

December 12, 2019

WHEN: December 12, 2019
QIC: Bump Draft
PAX: Nitro, Rambler, Marky Mark
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I wanted to Q today because my best friend died to the day and hour one year ago in Johnson City, Tennessee. It was my feeble attempt to take things that I knew about him and to create a kind of circuit workout.

Warm-up: SSH 20, arm circles 10, Moroccan night clubs 10, slow jog around the parking lot

The Main Event

20 pike push-ups

20 swings, 2 sets

20 hammer curls with cinder blocks, 2 sets

20 overheads with cinder block (or not)

20 cinder block pulls

20 abs workout with a coupon, 2 sets

Combo tricep dips and biceps curls while in squat position

17 burpees with your coupon

Second Set

42 line jumps

20 squat press with your coupon

40 shrugs

Final Challenge:

60 second burpee challenge

COT: I realized today that most of my workouts have been based around the theme of friendship. There is a reason for that. My friend did not handle his final few months of life well, as he shut out his friends. My recommendation is to rely on friends, especially when life is tough. You’ll get tired of hearing me say this, but I’m appreciate for F3 and the opportunity to be a site Q for #amrap. Merry Christmas and Aye!


  • Dec 22 is Chatham end of year party at the clubhouse
  • Dec 21 is the Churham party in Chapel Hill
  • There is a rucking event tonight in Durham with ruckers leaving from the clubhouse at 6:20 p.m.
  • #AMRAP is also looking for some new blood in the Q, as well
  • I will be out of town for #AMRAP on 12/19, if anyone wants to step up