Halloween at Bastille

  • When: 10/27/17
  • QIC: Spooky
  • The PAX: Kevin, Holmes, Ruckspin, Rebar, Steve Ray, Tree House, Goat Cheese, Zika, Red October, Sir Mix-a-lot, Moore, Boogie, Nacho Libre, Pink, Sherman, Sussudio, Slug, Boy-r-dee, Applomatix, Singlet, Turnpike, Horny Toad, EPO, Grunge, Iron Cross, Wuerffel, Link, Band Camp, Fahrvergnügen, Swingline, Spooky

YHC arrived at 0510 to set-up the AO.  Co-Q, Beano, arrived to help with set-up.  Two body bags, Smoke machine, two dozen flicking candles, 4 plastic carcasses, cinder blocks, coolers with “organs”, dozen plastic body parts, two blood smeared table clothes, four plastic butcher knives, bucket of plastic bones, bluetooth speaker – now we are ready for a Halloween Q.



  • SSH IC x 21
  • Arm Circles IC x 13
  • Slow merkins x 13

Bear crawl into park.  Co-Q dressed as a creepy skeleton jumps out to startle the Pax.  Split 31 pax into two groups.  Run back to main event area.

Picnic tables set-up with bloody table clothes, covered in plastic body parts and plastic carcasses – plus flickering candles and a smoke machin for ambiance.  A near-by area is a rock circle with flickering candles on the rocks.


The Thang:  

Group 1 starts at the Rock circle – station workout.  Four stations: (1) body bag drags 100 meters and back, (2) skull crushers with concert blocks – upward row then drop the block to the group, (3) overhead organ squats with the organ coolers, (4) Halloween hammers – American hammers with a plastic butcher knife in hand.  Switch stations when the body bag drags complete two drags (down and back).

Group 2 starts at the picnic tables.  With a partner grab a carcass for carcass carries around the loop in the part (400 meters).  Then sprint with a plastic body part around the loop.  When waiting for a body part, perform dips on the tables.

Switch when Group 1 completes all stations.


Part 2:  Spooky’s Bone Fetch game

PAX numbered off into 3 teams.

Team 2 challenges team 3 in a game of bone fetch.  Both teams start at the center line in the roller hockey rink.  Teams must bear crawl down to their side to find a bone.  Grab bone then sprint back to center line.  Perform 10 merkins before you can repeat to get another bone.

Team 1 is the “timer” for the game.  Group 3 performs traveling burpees for 100 meters then sprint back.

Team 3 defeated team 2.  Then team 1 challenges team 3.  Repeat game.  Then team 1 challenges team 2. Repeat game.



Circle up for Halloween Mary – all movements must have Halloween or creepy names.


  • Laceration LBCs  IC x 13
  • Freddy Kruegers (Freddie Mercuries) IC x 13
  • Raise from the Dead – WWIIs  IC x 13
  • Scissor Kicks IC x 13
  • Box Cutters IC x 13


YHC had to run back to the smoke machine to turn it off when a park worker arrived and was investigating the large cloud of smoke.  Beano led the COT.

Happy Halloween!

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