Good or Evil

October 13, 2021

WHEN: October 13, 2021
QIC: Vice and Maraschino
PAX: castaway, prancing horse, bump draft, dry rub, knope, tps reports, FNG (jakefromstatefarm), count chocula, red tape, swamp, crash cart, fiddle stick, Lap Lane, looney, Bell hop
LOCATION: kings dominion- New Hope Church
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As part of TBR takeover, Maraschino and I partnered up to bring a little taste of good and evil to the workout. We will let the PAX decide who was good and who was evil.

Warmarama- SSH, WMH, Michael Phelps, Arm Circles, Manafort Good Mornings

The THANG: Partner up for most of the exercises. One partner doing the traveling and one partner doing the stationary work.

First set: Into the darkness: Stationary: Squrls with a rock, Traveling partner bear crawls: 2 rounds of those each

Second set: Into the light: Stationary: Rockies (blockies with a rock), Traveling partner crawl bears and crab walks

Third set: Raising the hands to the heavens: Stationary (overhead claps with ball) Traveling partner 75% mosey down hill and back up

Fourth set: Pushing through the hard times: Stationary (merkins with ball) Traveling: carefully backward lunge and running back to partner

Maraschinos core work: Ball transfer across lines- Partner one does WWII, Partner two does American Hammers and for each ball dropped there is one penalty Burpee

Vice’s core work: 15 Hose to toes, 10 right shoulder up and 10 left shoulder ups

COT: sign up for the Bull October 30th and welcome @Jakefromstatefarm