Spirit Bomb

October 12, 2021

WHEN: October 12, 2021
QIC: Chum
PAX: Huckleberry, Green Acres, Homegrown Berry, Nacho Libre, Nighthawk, Catskill
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Dug back through the archives and found an old tortuous exercise that I wanted to revisit. And what better place than The Jag, where I was introduced to this masochistic silliness.

Warm Up: Typical stuff


Main Event
1. Elevenses. Merkins & In Cadence Bear Crawl. Do 10 Merkins then 1 ICBC. Next, 9 Merkins and 2 ICBC. So on and so forth, down to 1 Merkin and 10 ICBC. Combined count always equals 11.

2. Elevenes. Squats and In Cadence Lunge Walk. Just like above but with squats and lunges walk.

Coup de Grace – The Spirit Bomb

Years ago, when The Jag was in its infancy and Nescafé did Boot Camps (instead of running 2 million miles a week), he introduced the Spirit Bomb. It’s basically a burpee pyramid. 1-2-3…up to 10, and then back down. So we did it and, yep, it sucked. But the Men all powered through it gracefully.


Flutterkicks and Gas Pumps



-BC BBQ in the works for first Sat in November. More details coming soon.
—Q Sheets need your name on them.



Thanks as always for the opportunity and the support. No other group out there where you can say, “Hey, let’s do a burpee pyramid.” And the unanimous response, despite possible individual consternation, is “OK”. Grateful for the constant support. ISI.