Fun with Acronyms

  • When: 01/29/20
  • QIC: Nighshift
  • The PAX: Elf, Coxswain, Yurt, Crimson, Cat5, Maestro, Loonie,

The game plan for today was utilizing the acronyms EMOM and AMRAP. The beauty of these is every pax can modify easily as needed. If 10 burpees a minute seems like a pipe dream, set your target for 6. Set your goal… whatever that number may be. If your Coxswain, perhaps you should make it 14 reps each minute. It works both ways. Whatever your number, each man is responsible to himself for getting a tough workout.

On a personal note, I once again failed on counting even though I was using timers! 100 burpess in 10 minutes turned into 120 in 12 mins. That’s a strong fail! I ran out of time for Mary too. Good thing we had core through out the beat down. Lastly, I had to verify the spelling of two dudes names for this BB. Something worth mentioning perhaps to the next guy you invite. “You’ll get in better shape and have some fellowship with good men. You might even become a better speller.”

Warm Up

Lap around the parking lot, SSH, 10 burpees EMOM for 12 minutes


Partner up and grab something heavy.

  1. 1 min AMRAP overhead press and pike holds/Dry Docks, flip flop, run ~300m
  2. 1 min AMRAP curls and LBCs, flip flop, lung walk ~100m
  3. 1 min AMRAP rows and planks, flip flop, bunny hop 50m and Bernie Sanders 50m
  4. 1 min AMRAP deadlifts and mountain climbers, flip flop, run the hill together
  5. 1 min AMRAP alternating step back lunges and flutters, flip flop, lunge walk 50m and Bernie Sanders 50m
  6. 1 min AMRAP squats and table top, flip flop, run the hill together

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