Friday, October 8th at #thewall

October 8, 2021

WHEN: October 8, 2021
QIC: Mothman
PAX: Quint, Bumpdraft, Brotox, Night Hawk, Marky Mark, Paper Jam, Dueplo, Nitro (Respect), Dueling Banjos, Splashback, Mothman
LOCATION: #thewall
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Warm Up:

10 WMH, Duplo arrives, 5 WMH

15 Imperial Walkers

Planks – Alternating Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Leg and Right Leg up

Fellowship Jog Around the AO: 1/2 Mile

Main Event:

Suicides on the Tennis Courts: Upright, Lunge Walk, Bear Crawl

15x Dips, 15x Dips, 10 single count Urkins, 10 single count urkins, 10x dips, 10 single count Urkins

Fellow Ship Jog Around the AO: 1/2 Mile


Quint: American Hammers

Brotox: I blacked out and can’t remember what we did here

Marky Mark: Planks

Nitro: Superman

Dueling Bajos: I blacked out and can’t remember what we did here

It would have been a great time to finish up with Monkey Humpers, but I spaced off. Sorry.


  • Cookout the first weekend in November, there is a poll in #chatham_chatter to weigh in on date, Nighthawk is bringing a trampoline, lawn darts and BB guns for the kids
  • Tommorrow at the Battering Ram (Hooker Fields) there will be a convergence with F3 Burlington with an epic coffeteria afterwards
  • Fundraisers:
    • Chatham Education Foundation:
    • Chatham YMCA:
    • American Cancer Society (Eddie the Eagle):


BOM: My daughter turns 8 years old today. Time is precious. Make the most of every moment because, the cat’s in the cradle with the silver spoon, little boy blue, and the man on the moon, when you coming home son, I don’t know when, we’ll get together then… you know we’ll have a good time then!