45 minutes in paradise

October 7, 2021

WHEN: October 7, 2021
QIC: Vice
PAX: Laces Out, Spooky, Rebarb, Nightshift, Chum, Nighthawk, Slider, Funny Bone, Catskill, Homegrown Berry, Nacho Libre
LOCATION: paradise- Carrboro High
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In preparation for quing today I saw that the 10 year reunion thing in Fayetteville has an iron pax challenge they called 30 minutes in paradise. I decided to tweak it and use that as my inspiration for the workout

Warmaram- SSH, WMH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps

The Thang- We moseyed over to the blocks to start the fun and repeated what the Fayetteville guys are called the weighted crab walks, that is block overhead in a squatted position walk 25 yards, repeat facing other direction

People’s chair for a 10 count

Block work and main part of the workout was in sets of 25 do 100 curls, run, sets of 10 overhead claps with weighted ball, 100 squats

Then in sets of 25 do 100 kettle bell swings, sets of 10 overhead claps with weighted ball, 100 bonnie blairs and follow those with a set of overhead hose carry up and down the stairs

Finish off the block work with a few Vice specialties of blockies and T-bags

Mary: Seated ball hollow hold, 15 hose to toes, 15 right shoulder, 15 left shoulder, 15- 3 count dying cockroaches