Fore Please, now on the tee, Tiger Woods

April 18, 2019

WHEN: April 18, 2019
QIC: Brick
PAX: MLP, Kia, Vespa, Cosmo, Bellhop, Pikachu, Awesome Baby, Castaway, Knope
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This past Sunday, April 14th, 2019, I witnessed something I hoped and dreamed to see again, but doubted would ever happen: Tiger Woods won his 5th Green Jacket at The Masters and his 15th Major after an 11-year win-less drought in majors. Growing up as a competitive golfer, Tiger Woods was to me as Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris were to my dad. Tiger woods is a complicated figure – there have been no shortage of off the course scandals and self-inflicted wounds, and numerous injuries and related setbacks. All of it is part of his story and part of the golfer and person he is today. I’ve remained an avid fan through the years, getting excited with every whisper of a comeback and undoubtedly crestfallen when the meteor has burned out again. After 2017, I had all but given up hope that Tiger would re-ignite the flame that once burned brighter than just about any other professional athlete’s. But, as his 2018 comeback progressed, we started to see glimpses of a familiar figure prowling the fairways and showing flashes of his old self. It was with renewed hope that I watched The British Open when Tiger briefly took the solo lead, and then the PGA Championship when he mounted a Sunday charge to almost catch Brooks Koepka. If you are a fan of sports at all, it’s hard not to find his comeback story compelling and truly incredible when you think of where of where he was only 18 months ago, barely able to walk and soon to be arrested for DUI. So for me, watching him play his patented steady and strategic golf befitting for a golfer of his experience and claim that 5th green jacket was truly a cathartic viewing experience. For today’s Q, I decided to celebrate Tiger and sprinkle in some trivia on the most dominant and exciting golfer who has ever lived.

10 PAX posted in the pleasant Thursday morning gloom for a beatdown from YHC.

SSH IC x 25 – Tiger is the only man in the modern era to win 4 straight majors, he did so at age 25.

Arm Circles x 15 – Tiger’s win at the Masters marked his 15th major championship victory

Reverse x 15

5 burpees OYO – Tiger’s win at the Masters marked his 5th green jacket, second only to Jack Nicklaus who owns 6 Masters victories.

Imperial Walkers x 15 – Tiger won 5 straight PGA tour events 3 different times in his career, only player to do so in last 60 years.

Slow Willie Mayes Hayes x 12 – Tiger’s first Masters win came by 12 shots in 1997.

6 burpees OYO Hey, Jack is the greatest of all time, so we need to celebrate him too.

Shoulder taps x 22 – 22 years between Tiger’s first and most recent Masters victories

Quick lap around the peanut to the playground.

The Thang: Mini Murph in honor of Tiger’s obsession with special forces, especially the Navy Seals. He trained with them before the 2006 US Open and reportedly considered giving up professional golf to enlist before thinking better of it.

Partner Up. Size doesn’t matter. Shoot for 5 rounds of:

10 pull-ups / 20 Merkins / 30 air squats. 1 partner starts on pull-ups, while the other performs merkins. Switch, then do squats together before running lap.

After finishing, we planked it out and waited for remaining groups to complete the 5th and final round.

After a mosey lap around the peanut, each man grabbed a medium-sized rock to complete 2 rounds of:

  • Overhead press
  • Bicep curls
  • Bent-over row
  • Burpees OYO


For more Tiger trivia and post-Masters reading:

10 pax: MLP, Kia, Vespa, Cosmo, Bellhop, Pikachu, Awesome Baby, Castaway, Knope, Brick