Follow the Leader

  • When: 05/15/19
  • QIC: Dueling Banjos
  • The PAX: brotox, cabaret, duplo, shut in, marky mark, paper jam, bright idea, hal, GTL, zook, and petri

Through a series of scheduling events, YHC had not posted many times at TBH since transitioning site Q duties back in the Fall. When the last minute opportunity to Q came open, YHC jumped on it. Most of the Q sheets are filled far in advance in BC and it was a great opportunity to a) get back on the Qing bandwagon b) prevent fartsack.

Without a lot of time to prepare, YHC pulled one out of the Boyardee exicon. With several general obstacles in mind and a grand finale of hill workout planned, the idea was to improv based on the reaction of the crowd and to see what extremes the PAX would follow YHC through. The following video captured the workout in action.

On a cooler than average may morning (43 degrees at game time), a solid group of 11 + YHC arrived at the start. Several did Murph EC at the pull-up bars. Duplo was not the last to arrive (2+ minutes to spare).

Warm up:
Burpees x 10 OYO
SSH x 20 IC
Imperial Walker x 10 IC
Mountain climber x 10 IC
Slow merkins x 10
Overhead clap x IC 10
Forward Arm Circles x IC 10
Reverse Arm Circles x IC 10

Follow the Q through various exercise sets. We’ll keep the pax moving this morning.

Thang 1:
Trace the parking lot – Run the parking lot lines keeping eyes forward.

Thang 2:
1st Stairs – Up and over the clubhouse porch.

Merkins x 10 IC

2nd Stairs – Up and down the clubhouse 3 times.

Sumo squats x 30

Thang 3:
Dips and derkins –
Dip x 15 IC
Derkins x 10 IC
Dip x 10 IC
Derkins x 7 IC (Q fail happened here)
Dip x 10 IC
Erkins x 10 IC

Thang 4:
Bear crawl 20 yards
Crab walk 20 yards

Thang 5:
Burpee hill –
10 burpees OYO + run up and around Great Ridge Pkwy hill
Repeat x 3

Bernie Sanders up the hill

Thang 6:
BTTW – 30 second hold on Q count
Peoples Chair – 10 count per pax

LBC set (regular, left, right) x 15 IC each
Homer to marge x 10 IC
Superman ring of fire x 10 count per pax
Merkin ring of fires x 5 count per pax


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