March 1, 2021

WHEN: March 1, 2021
QIC: Nightshift
PAX: Harbaugh, Mueller, Nickleback, Cortez, Buffet, Halfback, ROYGBIV, Dingy, Tigger
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The word for the day is flexor. What is that you ask? There are apparently 2 muscles in the back of your lower leg whose name start with flexor followed by some Latin. They have something to do with pronation, so I can only imagine mine are hurting because my metatarsals on that side are also hurting. All that to say there would be no running today… after EC at least. I’m hurt, not injured. Being mindful of my hurts, today’s program entailed no running. Can you get your heart pumping with only a couple 5lb bricks. Yes, yes you can.

On a side note, who else loves how the internet can help make us sound smart? Pre-internet the previous info would have been conveyed something like this. The back of my leg hurts. Not the calf, but below it where I didn’t even know there was a muscles much less several. Top outside of my foot also hurts.

SSH, Imperial Walker, windmill, alt shoulder touch Merkins, grabbed 2 5lb. bricks and mosey’d to the park

Main Event
Lt Dan w/twists and squat presses increasing to 10
10 each Y, T, W IT
20 Flutters IC
10 Turkish Getups OYO
10 Happy Jack Webbs OYO
Bear crawl parking spots with Merkins ascending to 10
10 Superman rows IC
20 Flutters IC
10 Turkish Getups OYO
10 Jack Webb’s
Lt. Dan with squat jumps increasing to 10
Bricks over the head mosey back to the AO.

Homer to Marge IT & IC, Hammers, Box Cutters, and Hello Dolly