Emptying the tank at Vortex

March 10, 2020

WHEN: March 10, 2020
QIC: Boucher
PAX: Akroyd, Harbaugh, Mueller, Nightshift, Poser, Walnuts
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YHC made a return to the Vortex last week for a #SweatsQ and when Newt put out the call to fill the open Q spot for today, YHC jumped at the opportunity. Tuesday, 3/10/20 marks an historic day for the UNC Basketball team – they are the last place (14) seed going (owing to a 3-way tie for last place during the regular season) into the 2020 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament at the Good ‘Ole Greensboro Coliseum. It will take a truly complete effort for the Heels to win their 19th ACC Tournament Championship – winning 5 games, in 5 days…So YHC’s workout plan included some “5s,” some “14s,” and a whole lot of emptying the tank and “leaving it all on the court.”

We had an extensive warm-up to fit the “14” theme as well as because YHC needed it after a challenging Cosmo Q and some late night pick up soccer with Mueller, Cooter and Crew the day before…at Cedar Falls Park…roughly 7 hours later, YHC was back at it.
Obligatory Vortex Pre-victory Lap
SSH IC x 14
Seal claps IC x 14
IW IC x 14
HB IC x 14
Arm circles forward little/big IC x 14
Arm circles reverse little/big IC x 14
Air Squats IC x 14
WMH IC x 14
Harvester IC x 14
Good morning IC x 14
Mountain climbers IC x 14
Peter Parkers IC x 14
Parker Peter IC x 14
Burpees IC x 14

The Thang
YHC instructed the 6 other PAX that we would be doing a series of AMRAP (Give it all ya got) exercises to symbolize what it would take for the UNC Men’s Basketball team to win their 19th ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament this week. The PAX were instructed to do the exercise as long as possible, and then there would be a descending number of reps of an exercise based on your finish (First person done has 14, next person 13 reps, and so on). We did 7 main exercises and then 7 accountability exercises, (7 +7=14)

* We did Balls To The Wall on the restroom building…we went for a minute, plus or minus – and did Coby whites (squat and slap the floor into a jump shot) afterwards
* People’s chair (Harbaugh was the winner on this one) – Carolina Dry docks in descending order based on finish.
* Plank (once proper form was compromised, move to squats
* Low squat hold – then plank until all are done
* Merkins we started petering out in the 30 range, mostly done by 40- Homer to Marge was the accountability exercise
* Overhead press (no weights)..We went up to 200 reps and we all did shoulder taps together

We took a recovery jog to and around the tennis courts and successfully avoided the alleged sinkhole.

* Dead hang (found somewhere to hang at the playground…accountability exercise was dips
* Overhead clap (we went up to 100) – Tuck jumps were the accountability exercise

YHC had to finish off with the basketball training classic…the suicide. We did a give it all ya got sprint starting from the end-line to the top of the penalty box and back, then mid-field and back, far penalty box and back, then opposite end-line and back..

We finished with 5 Mary exercises at 14 reps each.

Flutter kick IC x 14
Hello dolly IC x 14
LBC IC x 14
Box cutters IC x 14
Heels to heaven IC x 14

Akroyd encouraged everyone to attend the current show at Playmakers Theater – Julius Caesar!
F3 Baseball is coming up this Saturday, March 14th in Durham – check out further details on the #Baseball Slack Channel
The Chatham PAX CSAUP Event is set for Saturday 5/16…Come check out Gambler III!
General prayer for those impacted by the CORONA VIRUS and an appeal to wise decisions by leaders to support efforts to mitigate the negative impacts!

Always an honor to lead!