Earning the weekend

August 28, 2020

WHEN: 08/28/2020
PAX: Cricket, Paperjam, Stubbs, Duplo, Marky Mark, Chum, Jingles, Brotox, Beajolouis, Huffy, Paperboy, Bright Idea, Dive
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YHC nearly fartsacked the Q this morning after sleeping through 5+ minutes of an incessant alarm. After laboring to get out of bed, YHC scrambled to get organized, and arrived at the AO at 5:29. And right on queue, Duplo pulled in. 14 PAX in total. Let’s roll.


  • SSH x25 IC
  • FAC x10 IC
  • RAC x10 IC
  • Chinook x10 IC
  • Hillbilly x10 IC
  • WMH x10 IC
  • Cherry Picker x10 IC

Main Event

Full Body Circuit


Suicides across tennis courts (3 segments):

  • Round 1: 10 Jump Squats, Lunge walk back
  • Round 2: 20 Prisoner Squats, Bunny Hop Back
  • Round 4: 30 Jump Tucks, Karaoke Back


  • Bear crawl tennis court, 10 slow count Dry Dock, Bear Crawl Back
  • Crab walk tennis court, 20 merkin, Crab Walk Back
  • Suicide sprints, 30 shoulder taps, Bear Crawl Back


  • Ricky Bobby / Indian Run around the perimeter of the AO


  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Peter Parker x 10 IC
  • Parker Peter x 10 IC
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Flutter Kicks x 10 IC
  • Box Cutters x 20 IC


  • Yoga workout at the Battering Ram Saturday
  • Iron Pax week 0 planned for EC at Battering Ram Saturday
  • Chatham gear order is live for another week.


I was reminded of an important life lesson on Tuesday. The day started fine with a solid workout at the Rabbit, however, it quickly declined from there. The first challenge was getting my son set up and motivated for school despite his defiance. The challenges continued with a series of contentious and difficult meetings at work. And the day ended with some bad personal news. As I was wallowing in self-pity, I remembered that there’s nothing you or I can do to change the past. The key is to shake it off and remain optimistic and hopeful for what’s ahead even in the midst of difficult times. And there’s going to be a shit ton of difficult days ahead of us. So always put the bad behind you and move forward with hope and positivity. You’ll be happier and more successful because of it.


Bright Idea, Huffy, and Chum were engaged in some odd burpee related ritual during a portion of the warm-up.

Qs take a lot of heat from the PAX