November 21, 2019

WHEN: November 21, 2019
QIC: Sherwin
PAX: Funny Money, Knopf, Justice, Crab Cake, The Body, Nails
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YHC is an artist. I figured a needed to add a bit of Mind to the Body, Mind, Spirit continuum so I created an art historically themed workout. Using D.U.C.H.A.M.P as structure. Pulling from F3 exicon exercises beginning with corresponding letter in Marcel Duchamp’s last name. Make sense?

Robert-Henri Marcell Duchamp was an artist. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcel_Duchamp

WARM UP: Side Stradel Hop x 20 , Harvesters x15, Over Head Clap x 20, Little Baby Arm Circles x 20

THANG: Moseyed to Motorco for “D”ancing Bears x20, “U”p Downsx20, “C”herkinx20, “H”ail Mary 3 sets of 5x each, Moseyed to parking lot behind Coco Cinnamon fo “A”scending Curb Crawl x13ish, Moseyed to top of Central Park for “M”ankato N’Diayes x2 , Moseyed to Hughes Plumbing supply wall for “P”eople’s Air presses x 30

(For those with in ear shot or even listening I added to mumble chatter factoids about Marcel Duchamp and his work ie. by 1924 he had abandoned the making of art for Chess, a pursuit he found more mentally engaging.)

MARY: Moseyed to Bull Pen AO at ReCity for Febreezes till time was up

COT: Knope announced 2nd F Holiday event to be at Top of the Hill, Back Bar December 21st (M but not 2.0 friendly.) Prayer request from Nails. YHC led prayer addressing our Loving Power, offering gratitude and acknowledgment.

Thanks PAX!