(Don’t be) So Lonely

  • When: 02/12/18
  • QIC: RG3
  • The PAX: Boyardee, Bright Idea, Bunyan, Closer, Dueling Banjos, Flenderson, Golden Pinky, Griswold, GTL, Link, Marky Mark, Nitro, Rambler, Stinky Pete, Sussudio, Yanni, Zook

Music is such an important part of my life and makes working out much more tolerable for me. So whenever I have the opportunity, I like to work music into my Qs and thought today would be a good day to try out the Roxanne Burpee challenge. But why stop there? I decided to carry the music with me and do a full Police playlist for the workout.  

  1. Roxanne (warm-up)
  2. So Lonely
  3. Walking on the Moon
  4. Synchronicity II
  5. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
  6. King of Pain
  7. Don’t Stand So Close to Me
  8. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da

If so inclined, you can get it at https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/the-police-at-the-thicket/pl.u-XqEpSd9ov4.

18 PAX came to play this morning (+ 6 for EC Hill Sprints and 10 for EC pull-ups. Obviously the Murph is getting closer and the participating PAX are feeling the pressure :-).  Let’s get to work.


SSH as Roxanne plays, drop for a burpee for every time Roxanne is said throughout the song.  The end was brutal and I think we did 30 or so burpees. 

The Thang

Dirty McDeuce

4 sets of 3 exercises done to 12 4-count reps. Each set has one chest exercise, one leg exercise and one core exercise. After each set of three exercises, you run a lap of a track

Set 1 

  • Chest: Standard Merkin
  • Leg: Air Squat
  • Abs: Ski Abs

Set 2

  • Chest: Diamond Merkin
  • Leg: Jump Lunges
  • Abs: WW2

Set 3

  • Chest Slow Merkin
  • Leg: Jump Squats
  • Abs: Peter Parker

Set 4

  • Chest: Shoulder Tap Merkins
  • Leg: Box Jumps
  • Abs: LBCs
Merkin Pyramid
  • Merkins up to 8 and back down again.
  • Griswold “chose the harder thing” and planked in between sets. Nice work!
Jacobs Ladder
  • All-Ya-Got Sprints from bottom parking lot entrance to top entrance.
  • Upon arrival Burpee ladder to 5
  • All in all we did 5 AYG Sprints and 15 Burpees


  • Heels to Heaven IC x15
  • Boat Canoe (a bunch)
  • Hello Dolly’s IC x15
  • Great American Hero Pulls, SC x20


  • Boyardee needs 3 or 4 more for workday at Penny Lane Farm from 10am to 2pm or so on Saturday, 2/17. Slack him for details.
  • Zook is working to start up kids running events here in Briar Chapel. It’ll be tiered to age group with distance, timing, etc. He’s talking to a few folks this week so keep him in your thoughts. Nice work, Zook!
  • Sunnyside will happen this Saturday given the rain-out last Saturday.  It’s Olympic themed (Biathlon with Nerf Darts!) so bring the kids out.  Age sweet spot is 5 – 10 year olds.

I’m reading  Tribe, by Sebastian Junger.  It’s generally about how we as a species need a sense of purpose, mission, and belonging to communities both small and large.  Tribes.

It talks about how – ironically-  military men are often more at peace when they’re at war vs. here in our society. Because in war they have a common goal, a higher purpose, and a collection of peers who would do anything for them. Conversely, our society mostly rewards a life of independence and “going it alone” when what we really need is a life of interdependence,  community, and mission.

F3 is a tribe to me. It provides a sense of belonging and fellowship with like-minded men.  And I’m thankful for that and for all of you being a part of this tribe. So today, stop to remember that we’re all better together, working toward a common goal.  I’d encourage you to stop and reconsider those times when you’re planning to “go it alone” and remember to ask for help.  We’re better  when we’re  connected.  And someone will always be there to help you when you need it, whether it’s your family, friends, or your F3 Tribe.  (Don’t be) So Lonely! Aye.

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