DJ Jazzy Floyd

October 5, 2021

WHEN: October 5, 2021
QIC: Floyd
PAX: Scapula, Cosmo, Cardiac, Wreck It Ralph, OPEC, Geppetto, Bellhop, Max Power, Castaway, Awesome Baby, Count Chocula, Knope
LOCATION: Parkwood Elementary School
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13 PAX (and several who did EC) rolled into the Parkwood Elementary parking lot, fresh off completing (and dominating) the F3 IronPAX Challenge. YHC had asked them to arrive with a cinder block and their dancing shoes. I wanted this workout to accomplish 3 things: Be fun, Be tough, and have zero percent funk music. Mission Accomplished.


SSH x 20
Harvester x 10
Willie Mays Hayes x 10
Good Morning sans clap x 10
Overhead claps x 10
Seal Claps x 10
Turn Downs x 3 (see below)

The Thang: DJ Jazzy Floyd

I brought out my trusted speaker and had a playlist of several favorite F3 songs (again, none of which were classified as funk). Each song brought a different challenge.

Overhead cinderblock carry to the front of the school

Song #1: Turn Down For What.
Run in place, football drill style. Whenever Lil’ John says “turn down for what” you drop to your belly, then roll over onto your six, do a WWII situp, stand up and then jump. Repeato until the song finishes.

Take a recovery lap around small Filbert.

Song #2: Thunderstruck.
An old F3 classic. Start in plank position. Every time the word “thunder” is said, do a merkin. Repeato until completo.

Overhead carry to back parking lot.

Song #3: Roxanne.
Every time the word “Roxanne” is said do a squat. Every time he says “Red Light” do a Bonnie Blair, one each leg. Repeato until you can no longer take a seato.

Leave your block and mosey recovery style to the picnic tables.

Song #4: Flower.
You know it. You hate it. But we gotta do it. Dips. Green Sally up, Green Sally down. If you max out, switch to Irkins. If you max out that, squats. Repeato I hate Moby.

Mosey back to the blocks at the parking lot

Song #5: Happy.
Pharrell is happy and so were the PAX. Every time the word “happy” or “happiness” is said, do a cinder block curl. Repeato, don’t cheato.

Song #6: Ghost Busters aka Burpee Busters.
You will alternate side shuffle hop and air squats. Every time RPJr says “Ghost” do a burpee. Repeato Burpeeo.

Song #7: Tacky.
I figured it would be tacky to repeat a song, so I dipped into the Weird Al collection. Every time the word “tacky” is uttered, do an overhead press with the cinder block. I pretty much died here. Repeato with the concreto.

Return the blocks to their home.

LBC x 20
H2H x 20
LBC x 10
H2H x 10
LBC x 5
H2H x 5

Great job everyone finishing up the IPC last month. I think our SoDu region took a major step forward in being a leader in the F3 Churham land. Proud of you guys.

The Bull is on 10/30/21 at 7-11am in downtown Durham. You don’t need this reminder. We have been talking about it all year. Just be there already! Get your shirt ordered by Wednesday 10/6 or be forever regretful.