CoPs at HoP

  • When: 08/30/17
  • QIC: Coco
  • The PAX: 2Ply, Brick, Crimson, Soybean, Screech, Zumba, Loonie, Troller, Denial, Tuco, Foot Fault, Sonar, Soda Popinski, Ham Hock, Ripley, Cheese Splint, Cake, Virgo, Peppermint Patty, Adolphus, Bushwood, Legacy, The Big Short, Coco

ShakeIt’s prediction of a heavy F3 police presence at HoP proved to be true.  22 other PAX emerged from the gloom to test the police response and their beatdown tactics.  Plenty of steel & sand were deployed in an attempt to quiet the crowd.  Were they peaceful protesters?  Hardened criminals?  Recent escapees from the local penitentiary?  Perhaps they were simply a solid group of community leaders taking one more step along their daily journey to get better?  It was 0530, so we set off to find out.

The Warm Up
SSH (x20 IC)
5 burpees (for Peppermint Pattie; he was late)
BWS (x10 IC)
5 burpees (for Cheese; I was glad to see him)
Arm Circles (x10 fwd; x10 rev)
5 burpees (for Virgo; I hadn’t seen him for a few weeks.  I missed him)
Merkins (x15 IC)
5 burpees (for Bushwood; ‘cause Bushwood loves burpees)

The Thang
Sandbags, KBs, rucks, railroad ties and other miscellaneous heavy $%*& was arranged in one solid line at the bottom of the parking lot.  The PAX were quickly divided into 2 teams; Team Tuco & Team Adolphus. Our goal was this:

Team 1 sprint to the top of the parking lot & return.
Team 2 presses metal & sand above their heads.  Flapjack.
Team 1 sprints (top & back).
Team 2 curls metal & sand.  Flapjack.
Team 1 sprints.
Team 2 squats metal & sand. Flapjack
Team 1 sprints
Team 2 core w/ metal & sand (WWIIs/Flutters/Hammers: all with sand & metal). Flapjack

Repeato the above circuit after the PAX moseyed to the top of the parking lot with sand & steel in tow.
Run/Press.  Flapjack.
Run/Curl. Flapjack
Run/Squat. Flapjack.
Run/Core. Flapjack

Mosey with metal again to the 3rd corner (far side of CotGS) for the CoP (Circle of Pain) at HoP.
PAX circles up and quickly counts off into 1s & 2s.
1s take 2 steps forward: drop for 15 standard merkins (SC) led by Cadre Bushwood
2s grab the sand/steel closest to them for 15 reps of overhead press in-step with the merkin count
1s: drop for 15 slow-count merkins (3-count down) lead by Cadre Bushwood
2s: curls
1s: 15 wide-grip (SC) merkins – counted  by Cadre Bushwood
2s: bent-over rows

With under 5 minutes to go we collected the pieces of ChooChoo’s stolen train set, sandbags, KB & ruck and moseyed on back to the launch point.   We celebrated our return with 10 more burpees OYO.

Cadre Bushwood capped it off with 3 minutes flutters.

Today was AO #19 on the tour de Churham #MasterQ challenge.  This has been an awesome challenge and even more motivation to step outside YHC’s normal schedule to visit some of the new AOs within Churham.   YHC has been continually reminded of the incredible group of men that continue to push each other for the betterment of themselves and the man next to him.

#MasterQ Challenge  – Get into it.  Co-Qs totally count.  25 AOs in the challenge through Dec.  31st.
Fayetteville Spartan – sign up.  Sept. 24th  >40 Churham PAX currently registered for this event.

Continued prayers for Houston and their (a) survival and (b) recovery.
– Note: Champ, Wuerrfel, Adolphus & others working to evaluate the best way for F3 Churham to assist.  Stay tuned for more information and ways to help our F3 brothers, their families and neighbors.


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