Carpe diem – No pressure.

June 3, 2021

WHEN: June 2, 2021
PAX: Botched, Coxswain, Lightweight, Yurt, Barksdale, Gilligan, Flapjack, Farmer’s Only
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2 PAX for EC 5k and 9 for the ME. The no pressure BB is below.


  • SSH IC x20
  • Imperial Walkers IC x10
  • Willie Mays Hayes IC x10
  • Good mornings IC x10
  • Slow Merkins IC x20
  • Mosey to top of road – turn around and come back to parking lot, mosey to the bottom of the OEC hill

The Thang:

  • THWM Stage 1: Lunge walk
    • Lunge walk to the first gate
    • 5x burpees OYO
  • THWM Stage 2: Backwards run
    • Backwards run to the next gate
    • 5x burpees OYO
  • THWM Stage 3: Bear crawl
    • Bear crawl to the top of the parking lot
    • 5x burpees OYO
    • Mosey to the field
  • THWM Stage 4: Gorilla walk
    • Gorilla walk to top of the field
    • 5x burpees OYO
    • Switch burpees with 3x Jackass Merkins – same travel – GO!
    • Mosey to the tennis court
  • Phase 3: Tennis court Yurpee suicide
    • Classic suicide with ascending yurpees at each turn (1 yurpee at end of court one, 2 yurpees at end of court 2…6 yurpees at end of court 6)
    • A Yurpee is a Burpee with a little flair.  PAX will complete a Burpee, but the merkin at bottom of burpee is a clap-merkin and on up portion there are 2 tuck jumps per burpee
    • Mosey up to the parking lot
  • With a few minutes to spare, we hit some Mary


  • Flutter kicks IC x25
  • Tar Heels to Heaven IC x30

Announcements: THE BULL 30 OCT 2021


I shared in the COT that my brother and his family were recently in a bad car accident that they really shouldn’t have walked away from – but they did. It was a traumatic and emotional experience for everyone and we feel incredible blessed that they only have minor injuries. The reason I’m bringing this up is to reiterate the message that life can change in an instant and we should all try to live one day at a time. It is so easy to get lost in the day-to-day sometimes and forget just how fragile life is. So my humble ask is that you take a quick inventory of your life, and see if there is somewhere you’d like to improve. Maybe it’s saying ‘I love you’ more to the people you care about – they need it. Maybe it’s realizing the job you want isn’t the job you have – make a change. Maybe you’d like to give more in some way to others – take the step. Whatever it is, go do it and bring others with you.