Busch League

December 3, 2019

WHEN: November 27, 2019
QIC: Nickelback
PAX: Muzungu, Busch League, Cortes, Buffay, Pusher, Brick, Nubbin
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YHC prepared a co-Q with Busch League a couple of weeks ago to help him with his VQ. However, no help was needed when Busch League crushed his VQ and it gave YHC another week to refine the workout theme of honoring Busch League with a history of Busch Beer.


The Pax moseyed around the parking lot and stopped at the far corner for some arm circles. We picked up Buffay at the end of the first lap for another mosey around the parking lot and lunge walked the last leg. YHC kept reflecting how nice it was to have Busch League present.

The Thang

Pearls on a string is a popular metaphor for Qing with different exercises at each station (pearls) and then moving (the string) to the next station for another exercise. We modified this concept to “beers on a string.” Each stop had a laminated paper with the workout as we learned the history of Busch Beer in honor of Busch League.

Busch Beer Logos
Busch Beer Workouts

Busch Bavarian Beer

YHC distributed a couple sandbag coupons from the trunk of the car and then the pax exited the parking lot up the hill toward the track and discovered the first handout: Bavarian Busch Beer. The pax also discovered a 40lb trap bar. In honor of this new beer release in 1955 the pax all took a turn with 5
bavarian squats” using the trap bar while the other pax members planked/squatted while waiting. It was the start of a great story.

Busch Bavarian Beer

The pax moseyed with their new trap bar coupon from the top of the parking lot past the track and rounded the corner to discover the next handout: Busch Beer and a medicine ball and helmet. The pax learned that in 1979 the powers that be decided to rebrand Busch Bavarian Beer to simply Busch Beer and kept the exact recipe. This seemed like a busch league move so in honor of this station we gave the medicine ball and helmet to Busch League to wear while we completed 15 “Marketing Manmakers.”

Busch Light

Once again we collected our growing coupons and made it to the front of the high school Ricky Bobby style. It was 1989 and the Pax learned this was when Busch Light arrived on the market and we honored this achievement with 15 (IC) Little Man Jumping Jacks. YHC was smoked and the little man was a proper SSH by the last cadence count. Time to move on. We picked up the 30 ruck plate coupon and moseyed to the next beer on a string.

Busch Ice

The pax rounded the opposite side of the high school to the far parking lot facing the middle school. There was a handout announcing the introduction of Busch Ice and a large cooler that felt heavy. Before we left we crushed 25 T-Bones once YHC remembered how to count them out correctly by shouting “I Love The T-Bone!”

Busch NA

The Pax collected all the coupons and headed into the Middle School bus parking lot, up the hill and into the side tennis court entrance. Brick busted an ankle on the next coupons: two 25lb kettlebells. YHC took a mental note not to leave black weights in the dark and tell the pax to walk straight into them. It was time for some Nadals, racing up and down the tennis courts. Coupons down, the pax alternated bear crawls and sprints until they passed all 7 courts to the far end. The pax returned by alternating butt kicks and high knees to collect all the coupons back to the flag.


Perfect timing resulted in just enough time for some Russian Hammers by YHC and dealers choice by each of the pax members who had picked up and returned the laminated Busch Beer handouts. 0615 the history lesson of Busch Beer was complete and so was our beers on a string.


YHC prayed it out for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday travels. Afterward, there was one more trivia lesson from the workout: Busch Beer is the second best selling brand by InBev what is the first?

YHC opened up the cooler and gave out the best selling beer and answer to the trivia questions: Budweiser! The pax walked away with a much lighter coupon to celebrate their new knowledge all thanks to Busch League and his VQ.

See you in the gloom again!