Birthday Q

  • When: 07/10/19
  • QIC: Tater Tot
  • The PAX: Blanche, Carlton, Chicken Noodle, Crab Cake, Frozen Peas, Good Morning Vietnam, Happy Trees, Iggy Peck (EC only), Magellan, Quilted Southern, Shake It, Soda Popinski, Tater Tot

On the occasion of YHC’s 36th birthday, the North Durham PAX gathered at Hurricanrana on what turned out to be a highly humid, but decent temp morning. It was somehow both wet and dry at the same time.

Plenty of EC PAX (no formal count or participation by YHC due to site recon). YHC guesses 2 ruckers and 4 runners.

With the EC groups scrambling to get back to the AO and typical “Durham Time” – Warm Up mumble chatter started promptly at 0535.


SSH, MTN Climbers, Willie Mayes Hayes, Good Morning, Arm Circles to get the blood flowing.


It’s Tater’s birthday so everyone get’s party favors. In this case – two bricks!

Brick Work
Brick Merkins

Playground Work
11 swings with 12 PAX so we had to partner up. One partner would BTTW on the school, the other partner would knock out 12 Austrailian Pull ups and 18 Swerkins. Then flap jack. 2 Rounds each.
The PAX will claim that instructions were not clear and that the Q should have just said “Find a partner, then do this…” but YHC doesn’t recall any confusion – especially since it was YHC’s special day and the PAX were compliant to every wish. Totally amicable situation.

Brick-Mosey to Baseball Field
YHC thought about an All Star Game themed event, but after lone Orioles All-Star (and solid SP) John Means didn’t get into the game in a bitter reminder of Mike Mussina at the 1993 ASG in Baltimore (screw you Cito Gaston!) – YHC didn’t have the heart to celebrate baseball. It’s been a long 18 months for YHC’s beloved Orioles. This time last year – Manny Machado was on the way out and demolishing the years of work that the O’s had put in starting in 2010 was inevitable.

Bricks down and line up on the 3B line for some running. YHC is by no means a distance runner, but YHC loves a good sprint. Relishes it even. Base-running. Linebackers. Lateral moving. Give me that all day. Marathons? YHC is out!

PAX would move from cone, to a cone placed 1/2 way out, to the edge of the field in various means of travel. At the cones and edges, PAX would perform various exercises that are factors of 36 (a great number to celebrate).

Sprint – 6 burpees at the half- bear crawl – 6 burpees at the end
Bear crawl – 6 burpees at the half- Sprint – 12 burpees at the end
Bunny Hop – 6 burpees at the half – Sprint – 12 burpees at the end
Backwards Run – 6 burpees at the half – Sprint – 18 burpees at the end

After the PAX were good and soggy and covered in grass, grab your bricks and mosey back to start.


Flutter-Rama with Bricks
Flutters with bricks up
Rosalita with no bricks
Scissor with bricks
Outlaw (clockwise) with no bricks
Hello Dolly with no bricks
Outlaw (counter clockwise) with no bricks


  • Blue Ridge Relay shaping up – start running now and train with the team.
  • Get on the Jolly Roger Q sheet! HERE
  • Get on the Hurricanrana Q sheet! HERE
  • Get yourself a North Durham Q patch! See your progress HERE (YHC will maintain the sheet – PAX can only view)

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