It’s the Best Thing Going Today. Wooo!

  • When: 05/10/19
  • QIC: Chowdah
  • The PAX: Happy Gilmore, Happy Trees, Sodapopinski, Frozen Peas, Banana Split, Larry Legend, Jeeves, Misery, ShakeIt, Nature Boy, Knope

Warm Up:

SSH x 29

Imperial walkers x 20

WMH x 12

LBACs  12X each direction

Burpees 5X

The Thang:

We moseyed to the parking garage across the street where the PAX lined up along the lower level. The PAX ascended the parking deck in the following fashion. The PAX at the end of the line made his way to the front of the line by a defined mode of travel. This pattern continued until all PAX had completed that mode of travel and the line order was the same as the start. When the PAX were not traveling we completed a rotating series of exercises. The modes of travel included: lunge walks, bear crawls, frog jumps, crab walks, backwards run, crawl bear and sprints. The “non-traveling” exercises were: series of burpees (5X), merkins (10X), freddie mercury (20X), air squats (20X); SSH; Johnny Dramas; people’s chair, and plank hold. The PAX made it roughly halfway up the garage and the activity took until nearly 6:15. There was high quality mumblechatter and many Ric Flair “WOOOOs” inspired by Nature Boy


  1. 5 count Ring of Fire V-hold
  2. Boxcutters (15X)


There were prayers for friends and family of PAX that are struggling with their health. Nature Boy made the PAX aware of a local wrestler who committed suicide. We prayed for this young man’s friends and family and for efforts to improve suicide prevention and mental health

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