Bear Crawl Agility Test is born at the Bullpen

  • When: 11/30/17
  • QIC: Red October
  • The PAX: Funny Money, Scrooge McDuck, Roach, Smeagol, Low Tide, Justice, Crocket, Sherwin, Sal Pal, Nickleback, Red October (YHC), Mounds, Green Egg, Pebbles

YHC’s original goal was to attend a workout at every Site in the Churham area, when the Master Q challenge came along, it seemed natural to change that Goal to Q at every site in the Churham area.   The first Q (July 5th) was the hardest.   The Q’s have become less difficult, the workouts still kick my butt, however, it is a good butt kicking, if such a thing exists.   It is rewarding to show up at a new site (New to me anyway), not even park in the right location sometimes, not know who is gonna show up, or how many PAX are gonna show up, and watch in quiet as car lights beak through the gloom announcing the arrival of the PAX.   Sometimes PAX come out walking up, sometimes running up, sometimes they just pop out of the trees, one time a lonely runner, never heard of F3, saw us working out, decided to join our group, and became a very steady post on campus at UNC until he graduated and moved out West.   The F3 workouts are special, no 2 are alike, they are each unique.   I am grateful for each workout and each PAX.

This morning 14 PAX in total showed up for Master Q 18/25.  Thank you all for a memorable morning.

On with the show:

The Warmup:

SSH x 35
IW x15
LBAC (FWD and RVS) x 10
Mosey to Motor CO.   10 Slow Good Form Merkins

Hold Plank.   In a line Pax start to crawl in and out of the aluminum planters out side of Motor CO parking.    Hold Plank until all PAX have completed the course. This shall be called henceforth the Bear Crawl Agility Test.    10 Slow Good Form Merkins to round it out.

Recovery and head over to the metal railings in front of Motor CO for some uptight ROWS.   10 IC.

Mosey over to the Park for a Ladder of Burpees and Merkins.  Starting at the infamous Tater Tot emergency deuce drop house.    Run to bottom for 1 Burpee, Back up for 10 Merkins and slowly reverse the count as the PAX run back and forth.   The goal was to finish out but we got down to about 7 Burpees and 4 Merkins before YHC had to call a Q Audible.

Run back to the front of RE CITY for some Mary.
20 Flutter Kicks (IC)
10 Merkins (IC)
20 Flutter Kicks (IC)
10 Carolina Dry Docks (IC)
30 Flutter Kicks (IC)
15 Monkey Humpers (IC)
30 Flutter Kicks (IC)

(Crockett thought this workout too easy so I’ll have to modify/dial it up to 11,  for him next time!)

Announcements: 2ndF Lunch at Pompeirrie Pizza in Durham next Monday at noon.   2nd F Christmas Party at the Strowd in Chapel Hill on 12/15.   M’s or Girlfriends are included.  Speed For Need is coming to Churham.   Here is a link to their Website.   Look for more information soon.

Prayers for Old Mac Donald as he and his family deal with his Stage 4 Lung Cancer diagnosis.  Prayers to Mr. Brady to get better and get back out in the gloom.



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