• When: 11/30/17
  • QIC: Floyd
  • The PAX: Chef Tel, Bean Bag, Griswold, Floyd

This is my kind of AO. A site dedicated to doing steel and reps and as little running as possible. I’m thinking of naming a new AO #ALRAP in its honor. As you are aware, the site, AMRAP stands for as many reps as possible. I felt that today’s workout should live up to the name. We were going to shoot for 1000 reps, but if that wasn’t possible due to time constraints, we would get as many as possible before the time ran out.

Basically warm-up time was used setting up all the equipment and steel.

11 stations/cones set up in a circle with an object of pain at each. Scribbled in chalk at the station was the name of the exercise (so that we didn’t constantly forget). PAX were instructed to do 20 reps at each cone before moving on to the next station. After one lap of 20, we realized that the workout would be more streamlined (i.e. possible) if we did 10 reps at each cone. So each PAX worked his way around the cone doing as many reps as possible before 6:15. Each PAX was different, but the number of reps completed ranged from 500-600 in total. Obviously short of the 1000 rep goal, but way more realistic.

Station 1: Goblet squat (kettlebell)

Station 2: Thrusters (ruck)

Station 3: KB swing (kettlebell)

Station 4: Curls (ruck)

Station 5: Farmer carry out and back with a ridiculously awesome and heavy setup

Station 6: Dead lift (bar and weight)

Station 7: Rows (Ruck, pretty easy)

Station 8: Overhead press (kettlebell)

Station 9: Top Shelf (ruck)

Station 10: Tricep extensions (kettlebell)

Station 11: Merkins (body weight)

Mary: I was told we don’t do no stinkin’ Mary at #AMRAP


Moleskin: This was a fun, intense workout that has my arms shaky even as I write this. It was nice having a small contingent at Briar Chapel, allowing for good fellowship and mumble chatter. See you guys next time!

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