Battle at the Starcourt Mall

  • When: 09/13/19
  • QIC: Skynard
  • The PAX: John Boy, Bright idea, Mothman, Germ, Boyardee, Brotox (joined at the end for mumble chatter), Marky Mark, Fieri, GTL, BumpDraft

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Dear Mom,

I cant believe its been a year since I was first here at Camp Know Where.  Suzie and I were just talking about all the crazy things that happened last year in Hawkins and I was telling her all about the outrageous stuff that happened at Starcourt Mall.  I was just excited that Steve was working at Scoops Ahoy, then boy howdy did it get even crazier.  

I know we’ve talked about that day some, but my camp counselor said it would be good to put it down in a letter too.

That night was crazy.  I remember Mike, Will, Lucas, El and me were just handing out trying to decide what to do about the Mind Flayer. Then everything went crazy.  There were fireworks, Russians with machine guns, everything was super scary.  

OK, I’ll write again soon.


P.S., Just wanted to remind you that you promised to buy the new Nineton game ‘Super Mario Brothers’ for me, it looks so radical .

Stretch on your own while you learn some history.

History Lesson:

Gather here to remember a significant moment in america history. You will find it hard pressed to find it in any modern history books.   It occurred years ago in Hawkins Indiana at the Starcourt Mall.  

A group of mostly kids successfully banded together to not only fight off a threat from a secret Russian base under the Mall, but even more important defeated a dreaded Mind Flayer from the Upsidedown. 

Three units were formed.  One to set up communications on top of a nearby hill, one to invade the Russian base, and one to retreat back to a secure bunker.   Unfortunately plans did not go well. The comms were established, but trouble ensued. While the unit led by Sheriff Hopper was shutting off the portal to the Upside down and thus ending the threat to Hawkins.  The kids of the Scoop Troop unit successfully delayed the Mind Flayer who had come to the Mall to consume El. They used wit, cunning, a ton of fireworks, and some powerful Magic by El and Billy.  

Ultimately the town and the world was saved.  Below we will commemorate them.

Warm-up:  The next exercise is XX, starting position Move, Single Count/In Cadence, Exercise. Recover

SSH, Demogorgan (wide squat, goalpost arms elbow to knee), Mindflayer (table form, opposite hand to foot) , The El (one armed plank)

Phase 1: Dustin’s girlfriend (Dustin, Erica, and Girlfriend Suzie)
Partner up. 3 rounds.
One partner runs up the top, does 5 burpees and comes back. 
The other partner does MindFlayer, Demongoron, The El

Long Mosey to rock pile

Phase 2: Get ready for the battle
Fireworks Pick a rock. 
Curls IC x15
Overhead press IC x 15
Squats IC x15
Bent over rows IC x15 with no breaks or pauses between
Repeat  10 count, then 5 count.

Mosey to the parking lot.  Bear crawl through the Russian base’s vent

Phase 3: The Mindflayer battle and Dungeon & Dragons
D20 and D10. The D20 would indicate the number of reps and the D10 would indicate what exercise we were to complete. 
1-Demongoradon (2 is one)(OYO)
2-ALT Lunges (OYO)
3-SSH (IC)
4-Jump Squats 
5-LBC (IC)
6-Merkin (OYO)
7-Squats (IC)
8-American Hammers (IC)
9-Smurf Jacks (IC)
10-Burpees (IC)

Wrap up: Mary

Need more people to sign up for Q, need to vote on date for the cookout, Zen squire trail run

COT Message:
Life is short, have fun.  And don’t forget to play Dungeons & Dragons you nerds.

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