• When: 09/20/19
  • QIC: Cosmo
  • The PAX: The Strowd, Pedialyte, Sonar, Boucher, Prancing Horse, Loonie, Beebe, Driftwood, Kia, Rain Man, Popeye, Swamp, Sweatervest, Yurt, Exhibit A, Bitcoin

At recent site Q confab, as well as during a rather leisurely EC manmaker session with Loonie this a.m., we discussed placing a bit more emphasis on PAX modifying as necessary, in part by de-stigmafying doing so. So today at The Falcon, YHC tried to do his bit by demonstrating modifications for various exercises as we went along. Also included a number of AMRAP routines in hopes of allowing everyone to push to the max of their own fitness/energy/injury level.

-Standard Warmup, including a demonstration of a burpee modification that would come in handy for some later on.
-Crabwalk to breezeway
-15 derkins SC, 15 dips IC, 15 derkins SC, 15 dips IC, 10 derkins SC, 10 dips IC – at outset noted PAX could modify to erkin on derkins, modify to bent knees on dips
-Bearcrawl to brick circle – YHC’s ignorance of the site was showing, as this was a longer distance than reckoned. Many opted for lunge walk modification at some point or another, which was totally groovy
-Squat X 50 SC to rest our shoulders
-1 minute max diamond merkin, followed by LBC X 25IC
-90 second max regular merkin, followed by LBC X 25 IC
-One minute max erkin on curb, followed by LBC X 25IC
-Recover mosey to bottom of the hill for 5 minutes of burpees or 50 burpees, whichever came first
-Sprint back to circle – Squats X 20SC, straight into Jump Squat X 20SC, then LBC X20
-Diamond merkin X 10SC, LBC X 20
-Regular merkin X 15SC, LBC X 10
-Curb erkin X 20SC, LBC X 25
-Mosey to breezeway to finish as we started, 15 derkins SC, 15 dips IC
-Mosey to parking lot. Out of time, but PAX were good enough to close out with eight 8-count bodybuilders

-Thoughts, prayers and best wishes to MLP and Elf competing in a stadium Spartan race in Philly this weekend.
-Don’t forget about service project tomorrow at Creekside Elementary, Iron PAX Week 3 at 0500, regular workout led by Kia and Scrooge McDuck at 0600, clean up project at 0700.
-YHC took us out.

Honor and privilege as always. SYITG!

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