October 1, 2021

WHEN: 10/01/2021
QIC: Vice and Maraschino
PAX: Yo-yo, Big Kat, Spam, The Lawn, Elwood, Slug, Right Swipe, Malware, Mueller, Nightshift, Tricurious, flapjack
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For Co-Q month at Westend we decided to do a combination of good and evil. The idea is for each and every exercise there is an angel on your shoulder and a devil telling you to take the easy way out or the hard way out. Which one do you listen to? I listened to a devil who told me the workout started at 6 so I was a couple of minutes late. Whoops.

Warmarama- SSH, WMH, Imperial Walkers, Arm Circles, Manafort Good mornings

The Thang- DORA and angel or devil, climb the stairs or run the ramp and partner up to get to 100 homers, 200 lunges and 300 squats

Angel and Devil- squrls and balls to the wall- partner listens to their inner self to stay on the wall as long as they can, then switch for a total of 3 failures on the wall and 3 rounds of squrls with a rock

Angel and Devil- shoulder taps with the rock and Australian mountain climbers- timer was count of 10 on the wall and as many shoulder taps as possible with an uneven rock

Angel and Devil 3 sets of 10 IC-Overhead Claps while partner 2 does shaker weight

Ricky Bobby with bear crawls and squats, guy at the front does squats as line of pax does bear crawl till Pax doing the squats is passed by the line of bear crawlers- keep going till everyone has a chance to be the squatter

Everyone grabs a hose for extended Mary

Mary- hose to toes- 15 count, 15 left shoulder raise, 15 right shoulder raise, 30 IC flutter kicks with hose, planks with raised hose right hand and left hand, planks with hose on back, 1 minute max penalty burpees for the co-qs both being late