B.E.A.T. D.U.K.E.

  • When: 02/07/18
  • QIC: My Little Pony & Boucher
  • The PAX: Ram Air, Juco, Misery, Shake It, Sweater Vest, Slug, Subprime, Vandelay, Uzi, Appomattox, Slum Dog, Ocho, Prancing Horse, Avalanche, Nelly, Spooky, Timber, Blackball, Subprime, Boucher, MLP

12 PAX took on The Pine while to 2 co-Q’s rucked to discuss a game plan

For the ME, 21 PAX assembled on the UNC campus with a clear directive ahead of tomorrow night’s big game – BEAT DUKE

The first letter of each exercise helped us spell out the goal and hopefully threw a little extra sweat karma towards the good guys (at least for the Rameses AO) ahead of the hoops showdown.  For a little added luck, reps were aligned with Tar Heel national title years.


SSH x 20 (IC)

WMH x 10 (IC)

GM x 10 (IC)

LBAC x 10 (IC)

Reverse x 10 (IC)

The Thang

Burp Merk Pyramid – Burpee with escalating # of merkins at the bottom. Up to 5 for ’05 natty and then back down to 1

Elevens – Gate to Gate on THWM.  Start with 10 tuck jumps at the bottom and 1 WWII at the top. Repeato until 1 tuck jump and 10 WWII’s.  Pick up the six when done and finish as a team.

Alternating Should Taps – 93 total for Dean’s 2nd title, broken up into 3 sets of 31.

Tempo Merkins aka Slow Merkins – 57 total for 3OT title win vs. Kansas, broken up in to 3 sets of 19.

Dips – 82 total for the MJ/Worthy team – broken up into 2 sets of 41

Underdog Pull-ups aka Australian Pull-ups/Rows – 1 set of 17 for last year’s champs

Kraken Burpees – 9 burpees with 3 hand release merkins at the bottom in honor of Psycho T’s team

Everest – one final climb up THWM (gate to gate), alternating lunge walk with a squat added after each step

Just enough time left for some buzzer beating MARY

Makhtar Ndiaye x 10 (IC)

Heels to Heaven x 20 (IC)

Great to see so many Durham PAX at Rameses this morning.  Thanks for making the trip over for the pine and the good-natured Q jabs.  Here’s to another great chapter in a storied rivalry tomorrow night!  Go Heels


Subprime is passing the Rameses site Q reigns over to MLP.  Can’t thank him enough for all that he has given to this group and this site.  Honored to try to maintain the high standard he has set at the CH flagship.  SP will still be around kicking ass and looking out for new challenges.

Close to launching an F3 basketball workout in CH.  Time will likely be 5;30-6:30 on Thursday(?)  Keep an eye of out on slack if you’re interested.

The Bull will be held 4/14 this year.  More details to come, but mark your calendar now.

No Prayer Requests

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