Hey Buddy, My Eyes Are Up Here

  • When: 02/07/18
  • QIC: Yanni
  • The PAX: Bright Idea, Dueling Banjos, GTL, Grunge, I.C.E., Closer, Horny Toad, Nanu Nanu, Bean Bag, Skynyrd, Duplo, Doc McStuffins, Zook, Sussudio

Today kicks off #powermonth at The Big House, where each Wednesday the focus will be on working a different muscle/muscle group and making it more powerful, and for some reason Site Qs Dueling Banjos and Boyardee picked YHC to handle Chest day. Perhaps it was because of my unhealthy love of the merkin or perhaps it was because YHC has to constantly remind Boyardee that ‘My eyes are up here’. I can only assume that Boyardee’s mouth gapping glare is a compliment and not a blatant way of telling me to button up my shirt you nasty hairy pig. Either way 15 showed up to push the earth down over 500 times and get that chest that will distract Boyardee and their M. We have a lot to do, and only a little bit of time, let’s get pumped up…

We Were going to do merkins today, a lot, the catch was we would keep a continuous count all morning.

Warm Up
Merkins – 100

Merkins – 300

Merkins – 101

Have no fear, we did all types of merkins this morning. Form was good for the first 250 then it all went to shit.

Habitat For Humanity headed up by Rebar this Saturday, DM Rebar or check the #2ndF channel for details
Penny Lane Farm work day headed up by Boyardee on 2/17


We ended on the Bro-kin, 3 on each side

Total Merkins: 507!

CSAUP- Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless
In F3 we use that term liberally when talk about working out or any EC work outside the workout. However, nothing we do in F3 is completely stupid or utterly pointless. Wether it’s doing 1000 merkins or rucking at some ungodly hour with Rambler. Everything we do serves purpose and helps fill our lives and make us better in all three Fs. Getting stronger, building bonds and helping our community is never stupid or pointless and if it is then I want to be CSAUP for as long as I can. Go out today and keep being CSAUP because you’ll only get stronger. Till we meet again in the gloom, Aye!

– Duplo keeps trying to fudge the numbers on or total merkin count.
– Congrats men, you completed half the amount of merkins Herschel Walker did every day
– I challenge you to complete the rest of the 493 merkins and get an even 1000 merkins today


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