Amateur Hour Debut!

February 15, 2021

WHEN: February 15, 2021
QIC: Patmos/Disc
PAX: Patmos, Disc, Boucher, Nightshift, Harbaugh, Slug, Big Kat, Foghorn Leghorn, Dogwood
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Warm-up: SSH x25, Good morning x10, imperial walker x11, hillbillies x10, plank jack x10, slow merkins x10

ME: Patmos-lead 1 2 3 Dora (modified) with 100 merkins, 15o squats, 200 LBC’s between partners — one partner runs across the field and back, one does the exercise then switch/ Disc lead “Mack Browns”: 14 merkins, run to other sideline, 1 star jump, back and then 13 merkins, run and 2 star jumps, etc. until 1 merkin and 14 star jumps. Finished with escalating sprints across the field

Mary: Homer –> Marge x10, planks, side-planks, bun blasters x10

COT: Reminder that even in the miserable weather and an endless pandemic, our blessings are endless! Take a moment to reflect on the graces in your life.


Patmos out.