“Aint Nothin’ But a Peanut”

  • When: 08/31/17
  • QIC: Sweats
  • The PAX: Sweats, Floyd, Cardiac, Choo Choo, Mr. Narwhal, Doogie, Slow Pitch, Bushwood, Kia, Boucher

10 PAX showed up (one coming in hot just a touch after 0530) to put in some work on a nice sub-70 degree morning in Herndon Park.  Tobacco Road is one of my all-time favorite AOs, serving as my 2nd ever post, I believe.  It is only fitting that my Durham/Chapel Hill Master Q tour ends here.  That’s right, I’m 21-deep in the Master Q challenge, with only the popular Briar Chapel AOs to come.  It has been an adventure and I am grateful to have started this journey; I’ll save the sanctimonious and sappy for later when I wrap all the sites in a final BB.  For now, we had to get to work at TR, and with 10 PAX toting the rock today, we were well primed to dominate the gloom.

My motivation for today is weightlifter/bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, who coined the phrase, “Nothin’ but a Peanut,” and also “Aint Nothin’ to it but to do it,” and also, “LIGHT WEIGHT!”

And the best for last, “Everybody want to be a bodybuilder, aint nobody want to lift this WEIGHT!”

If this is not the quintessence of the mind over matter mindset, I don’t know what is.

Aint Nothin’ but a Peanut

After a brief warm up, PAX were instructed to grab a rock that “you can live with” for a Peanut lap sufferfest.  This is a great program because you can fill it with a ton of work.  It truly is a choose your own amount of suffering adventure.  We rotated through rocks along the way.  Mumblechatter was present, but it died down quite a bit towards the end!

  • We started with overhead holds and lung walks to the first light, then we push pressed for 20.
  • Walk with overhead holds to the second light, where we curled for 20.  And we did 20 bent over rows.
  • Overhead hold until the third light.  20 squats with the rock.
  • Core rotations with the rock while we lunged.  20 alternating lunges with the rock.
  • Overhead press while walking until the next stop.  20 dead lifts.
  • Overhead hold and then 50 push press.
  • Overhead hold and then 50 squats.

We then hit the playground for an AMRAP/sprint session.  Each guy partners up.  One guy goes AMRAP at a station, while the other sprints to the third light and back (probably 200+ yards); then switch.  We made it through 3 stations, and these stations were as follows:

  • KB swings (45 lbs)
  • Pull ups
  • Swerkins
  • Squats (with 30 lb KB in each arm)
  • KB push press (45 lb)

Running out of time, we stopped there for Mary.  Here, we executed 20 WWII/Hammer Hybrids and then a 6-inch/45 degree hold for 2 minutes.

CoT: Prayers for Slow Pitch’s friends, who are in the midst of some marital discord.  Prayers to Doogie/Floyd’s nurse, fighting cancer.  Prayers for Lopair as well!

Moleskine:  Floyd, in only the way Floyd can, called me out for saying “you know the drill” when asking PAX to pick up rocks. For the duration of the Peanut lap, I listened to Floyd sarcastically mumblechat “Hey everyone, we know this drill right?”  I was left with no choice but to fight this mumblechatter with fire.  I wouldn’t call it a “Dracarys” moment, but I kindly told Floyd that I would flatten him.  Let the record state that I have nothing but love for Floyd.  My first responsibility is to motivate.


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